The New Year seems like the perfect time for new beginnings, to set goals, to say, “this is it, this is my year.” Unfortunately, New Years’ resolutions rarely bring the lasting change that you hope for.

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The reason why is contained in the word itself:

The word “resolution” if you break it down, is a RE-Solution. It’s the same old “solution,” RE-peating over and over again. We make resolutions with the best intentions, but without some critical elements (that we’ll get to in a moment), it’s very hard to stick to them. And it’s no wonder: The word actually means something that you’ll do over and over again…every single year.

The New Year seems like the perfect time for new beginnings, to set goals, to say, “this is it, this is my year.

Here’s proof: If you go to the gym on January 2, it will be totally packed. Every treadmill will be taken. People will be sweating and high-fiving themselves that this is their year. Go to the gym on February 2? Well, it will definitely be a lot less crowded, as people have lost their steam and motivation.

It’s not just working out that falls along the wayside. The top 3 resolutions for 2014, according to a study by the University of Scranton, were:

  1. Lose Weight

  2. Get Organized

  3. Spend Less, Save More

These are admirable goals. The number one resolution, losing weight, makes sense considering the epidemic of obesity and related diseases, and our genuine desire to look and feel better.

But since only 8% of people who make resolutions actually stick to them, the question remains…

Why do we keep making resolutions…

Especially if we KNOW we’re probably not going to keep them?

Because for many people, just the act of making a resolution can make you feel better…temporarily.

But unless you follow it up with action, your resolution will be just like the 92% of resolutions that are dead in the water.

How Do You Break the Cycle?

Now, there IS a way for you to make resolutions that you can keep. But it takes a little bit of planning, and some support. Here are the top 5 ways for you to make New Years’ resolutions that you can stick to:

1. Seeing is believing. First, make sure your goal is realistic. Imagine yourself making a specific change, like changing the way you eat, and then imagine yourself doing it in a week, a month, or a year from now. If you can imagine it, go for it, and being able to visualize will give you confidence. If you can’t see yourself sticking to it, break down your goal into smaller goals (see Step 2).

2. A long road is made up of many steps. So you want to lose 40 pounds? Great! But the best way to get there is by setting smaller, more realistic goals: 5 pounds at a time, fitting into a certain dress. Celebrate each accomplishment and it will give you more motivation to continue. Setting a big goal can be intimidating, so always break down your resolutions into smaller steps. One step at a time. People who set smaller goals are much more likely to succeed, and of course your success builds on previous successes. The Trim Down Club 60 Day Challenge is built on this idea of weekly mini-goals so that you are more likely to stick to them and feel good about it.

3. It’s all in the details. Saying you want to lose weight is great, but if you don’t have an action plan, your resolution is likely to fizzle out fast. The more you plan, the more likely you are to follow through. Sticking to a sensible, nutritious, satisfying eating plan (Like the Trim Down Club) means that you can enjoy delicious food, feel less deprived, and still indulge in your favorite treats once in a while. Plus, the Menu Planner does the hard work for you.

4. When you fall off the horse, get right back on. Yes, we are human. Yes, we mess up. Yes, we tell ourselves “just one isn’t going to hurt.” And then…the guilt. We get locked into the mindset that we have to be perfect, that it’s all or nothing…and that gives us an excuse to give up. While setbacks are pretty much inevitable, it’s how you respond to them that matters. Try to see your slip-ups as a reminder to get back on track, not as a failure. And don’t forget to reward your successes (as long as the reward has nothing to do with food).

5. Don’t be an island. Finding people to support you is so important, because it means you have someone to keep you accountable and to get you moving when your motivation slows down. Whether it’s real-life friends, exercise buddies, or an online forum, you should figure out what kind of support will help you through the rough patches.

The Trim Down Club is here for you year-round to help you meet all of your goals. Click here to learn more.

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  1. Thanks SandraCA for the input on the sugar in particular! I put on almost 20 lbs. over the holidays ( Thanksgiving incl.) mostly because I make amazing cookies that I wrap up to giveaway for Christmas gifts but I tend to eat quite a few myself. I have a great start in cutting back but what can I do to go cold turkey on sweets for instance…I am a tea drinker and I put regular sugar in my tea. Do I have to give it up and start drinking water only or do I have other alternatives?

  2. Hello. I joined the site last week and just starting the first day today of the suggested menu. I’m one of the lucky ones I suppose who lost weight over the holidays rather than gain but the reasons for it aren’t so lucky.

    A year and a half ago I was diagnosed with Diabetes and placed on metformin. In the beginning, I ate right and did a lot of walking each day and could manage healthy glucose levels without medication. My son moved back from University however and my eating habits changed considerabley bringing my glucose level up to a whopping 32mmol. Until that point, I had lost 50 lbs without even trying, just by eating proper portions.

    I’m really happy with the menus provided here as they are really super for proper eating and portion sizes. I fond that no matter what time of year, its easier for me to follow a prepared menu rather than winging it without waking each day knowing what I should eat. It also keeps my fridge and cupboards stalked with good food so that even if I wanted to cheat, there simply isn’t junk in the house to stuff into my mouth.

    I used to also have a sugar addiction. It took about 2-3 weeks of absolutely no refined sugar in anything to kick the cravings for it… but I encourage everyone to kick sugar addictions as after the habit is kicked, it’ll make a person feel sick to eat a donut or foods that would sabotage all your weight-loss goals. Another benefit is that the natural sugars in fruit and veggies become so much more wonderful on the palate and make you feel clean on the inside.

    I’m glad to be here and hope success to all of you for 2015


  3. I DEFINITELY HAVE TO WORK ON SUGAR AND PORTIONS. I am gluten free 3 years now and glad to see so many ancient grains. I make my own bread and baking, with no starches or gums,which has definitely helped inflammation arthritis.

  4. After 2 stress filled years, I am setting goals and taking care of me! I have 40 pounds that need to be gone.I am excited the trim down club came to my attention. My children and grandchildren live on opposite ends of the country, so we have lots of traveling. Staying on a healthy eating plan is always not a choice. I feel I can take this with me and make a conscious decision to choose healthy food. Cleaning out the old food and shopping tomorrow!

  5. Over the Christmas season I to have gained weight, but I suppose this would be a common problem. Looking forward to starting the program on Monday, but first to get rid of all the goodies left in the cupboards…i’m sure I can find someone in the family to eat them. 😀

  6. Good for you Josette! We all had a difficult holiday as far as food but it’s only once (or so) a year,,,,,can’t be so bad!! I’m just beginning. It seems like a great site. How has this worked for you?

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