Women have much to consider when they think about their long term health. There are many health conditions that are centered around women in particular and therefore working towards prevention is key. One of these health conditions that seems to be a big concern is osteoporosis. This can affect women as they age and lead to some very painful and undesirable long term results.

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The more brittle the bones, the more likely that a condition like osteoporosis is to occur. Those women who don’t get enough calcium and Vitamin D tend to be the most susceptible. If there is a family history then that puts a woman in an immediate category for concern. No matter who you are, what age you are, or what your history though, women should always be thinking about ways to prevent osteoporosis.

It is believed that a healthy lifestyle is a great way to prevent it, but recently soy has come up as a potential preventative measure. So what is the truth on this correlation? Can you really ward off osteoporosis by simply consuming more soy? 

Isoflavones Are the Key

The secret ingredient within soy that may be the key to success is called isoflavones. If you are not familiar with what isoflavones are, they are estrogen like plant chemicals that are found within soybeans. They naturally occur within soybeans and therefore many women believe that they have hit a gold mine in the prevention of osteoporosis with these little gems.
It’s true that hormone replacement can be an excellent way to help prevent conditions like osteoporosis amongst other things. The key to this is the isoflavones and yes there is truth that these naturally occurring chemicals can be an excellent way to prevent osteoporosis from ever setting in. The most important thing to note though is the form in which you consume the isoflavones, so educating yourself is a necessity within this area.

Part of a Healthy Lifestyle and Taken As a Supplement

The problem is that everybody has jumped on the bandwagon. You can find every sort of product from cereal bars to trail mix products that boast of increased levels of isoflavones. Sure you can eat soybeans and get a good concentration, but unfortunately it is believed that food form isn’t enough to prevent this condition.
If you want to ensure that you are utilizing isoflavones for a true prevention method towards osteoporosis then you are best served by taking a supplement. Though soybeans may provide a certain level, it’s often not high enough to work well. If you want to ensure proper dosage and really utilize this chemical for prevention then you need a supplement that is rich in isoflavones. You can find them out there at the health store and the more natural the better!
You should also be practicing a healthy lifestyle as that is an excellent way to keep the bones strong and prevent osteoporosis. Ideally you want to be eating right, managing your stress, exercising often, getting plenty of rest, and then work in an isoflavones supplement into that lifestyle for the ultimate protection and prevention.

Everything In Moderation

The evidence is still out about the proper levels. There are some studies that show that too much estrogen can lead to an increased risk of breast cancer. This is not an instance therefore where you want to take too much of an isoflavones supplement to try and protect yourself that much more. There can be too much of a good thing!
Take this supplement as part of a healthy lifestyle. Pay close attention to the dosage and be sure to stick with it. Always talk to your healthcare practitioner to be sure that this is a supplement that can work well for you. Prevention is key and knowing the best way to prevent osteoporosis can really help you in your future.

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