Where To Buy in the UK?

Dear UK Members,

Looking for a place to buy recommended foods to your success?

Below you will find different stores that carry some of the food items recommended by the Trim Down Club Program.
Learn how to shop the right way and start replacing fat producing foods that may be in your fridge or pantry with healthier alternatives.
For more information about how to start eating healthy, “blood sugar safe” foods, that let your body readjust naturally, please read FOOD SHOPPING THE PROPER WAY guide.
We recommend picking a few meals from the 14-Day meal plan, or from the Personal Menu Planner application, and adding those items to your next shopping list.
You will inevitably find some foods better than others, keep the ones you love and eliminate the ones that won’t work for you.
After several shopping cycles, you should have your own new and healthy shopping list that will fit you best.
If you live in a remote area, you may consider ordering some food items over the internet, or simply purchasing the best of what your shops have to offer, going for the freshest, least- processed, low-sugar, and most whole foods you can find.

A last word of advice; start slowly. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do everything right away. The foods will become familiar to you soon enough, and your body will thank you for it!

Grocery Shop Chains

  • ASDA: Carries organic foods, dairy alternatives, whole-meal breads and grain products. Online and shops
  • Booths Supermarkets: Gourmet staples from local whole food producers; shops in Lancashire, Cumbria, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Greater Manchester
  • Costco: Online and shops
  • Morrisons: “Healthier Living” online and in shops
  • Ocad: Carries organic foods, dairy alternatives, whole-meal breads and grain products. Online and shops
  • Sainsbury’s:  Carries organic foods, dairy alternatives, whole-meal breads and grain products. Online and shops
  • Tesco: Carries organic foods, dairy alternatives, whole-meal breads and grain products. Online and shops
  • Waitrose: Carries organic foods, dairy alternatives, whole-meal breads and grain products. Online and shops


Health Food Shops


Grass-Fed Meat, Dairy & Eggs

Raw Dairy

  • Supermarkets: Most supermarkets, i.e. Waitrose, sell raw milk cheeses.
  • London Chapter Resource List: Raw milk directory, compiled by London Chapter Leader of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Philip Ridley.
  • Natural Food Finder: Links
  • Seeds of Health: Links
  • Neal’s Yard Dairy: Mail order raw milk cheeses throughout the UK.
  • Teddington Cheese Company: Raw butter and a variety of raw milk cheeses.
  • Chelsea Farmer’s Market: “Here” organic shop carries a range of cheeses; “Neal’s Yard” carries many raw (though not always organic) milk cheeses.
  • Cornwall, near Callington/Gunnislake : J.A.Flashman Dairy, 01579-350893, West Prince Farm, Seven Stones (entered by Teresa Gillespie 01503-240-333), organic unpasteurized milk available for pick up (bring own containers, call to arrange)
  • Dorset: Manor Farm Organic Dairy, Pam and Will Best, Godmanstone, Dorchester, Dorset. enquiries@manor-farm-organic.co.uk . DT2 7AH, 01300 341415. Grass-fed organic unpasteurised milk. Please order (essential) for collection from the farm. Email: enquiries@manor-farm-organic.co.uk, farm@manorfarmdorset.co.uk
  • Dorset: Modbury Farm, Tim Garry , Burton Bradstock, Bridport, Dorset. DT6 4NE, 01308 897193. Organic grass fed Jersey cows – sell raw milk and cream. Email: tim.garry@modburyfarm.co.uk
  • East Sussex: Hook & Son at Longleys Farm, Hailsham, Phil & Steve Hook, Tel.: 01323 449494. Email: sales@hookandson.co.uk. Delivery service.
  • Gloucestershire: Diana Smart, Old Ley Court, Chapel Lane, Churcham, Gloucestershire. www.smartsgloucestercheese.com. GL2 8AR, 01452 750225. Unpasteurised cheese maker – grass fed cows in summer, silage in winter. -sell raw milk but need to provide your own containers.
  • Herefordshire: John’s Jerseys at Beaconhill Farm; farm shop and nationwide delivery. Email:beaconicecream@aol.com
  • Kent: Platt House Farm Fairseat Lane, Wrotham, Sevenoaks, TN15 7QB. Contact Robin Betts; T: 01732 820021; Email: robin@winterdale.co.uk. Raw milk from Holstein-Frisian cows sold from the farm on Saturdays. Cows are grass-fed in summer; grass/maize silage-fed in winter.
  • London: Blackheath Farmers Market, London SE3, United Kingdom.
  • London: Jess’s Ladies Organic Milk pasteurised and bottled onsite at the family farm, but never homogenised. They became the first pasteurised milk anywhere to win great taste award gold medals in 2008, and produce some of the finest organic milk in the country. Available throughout the southwest and London from independent deli’s and farm shops.
  • London: Stoke Newington Farmers’ Market: Raw organic cow’s milk from High Alham Farm, Somerset is sold at the Stoke Newington Farmers’ Market, . Every Saturday,10am -2.30pm (William Patten school, Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16 0NX). Visit our website for more details of Stoke Newington Farmers’ market – the UK’s only all-organic weekly farmers’ market. High Alham Farm also sell real buffalo mozzarella and ricotta as well as a range of other cheeses and yogurts.
  • Lincolnshire: F.W.Read and Sons Limited, Ulceby Grange, Alford, Lincolnshire LN13 0HE, 01507 466987. Available at farmers markets in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Derbyshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Essex and London.
  • Northumberland: Wheelbirks Farm, Stocksfield, Northumberland, NE43 7HY Tel/Fax: 01661 842316. It is a family-run farm that is proud to sell raw Jersey milk from their farm door. Since 1925 they have sold their milk and cream, being one of the first tuberculosis-tested herds in the country. To the best of their knowledge they are now the only supplier (to the public) of real milk in Northumberland.
  • Somerset: Dykes Farm, House – O, Slough Lane, Stoke St. Gregory, Taunton, Somerset. TA3 6JH, 01823 490349. Organic grass fed Friesians, silage in winter.
  • Somerset: Gilcombe Farm , George Partch, Brutan, Somerset, PA10 0QE. Phone: 01749 813710. Small herd of British Friesian and Jersey cattle fed grass and clover in summer and hay/silage in winter. Fully organic for over 10 years. All feed home grown. Farm shop in Somerset, farmers markets in London (Barnes market Saturdays and Hammersmith market Thursdays). Nationwide delivery.
  • Somerset: Olive Farm, Dave Paul, Babcary, Somerton, Somerset. Email: info@hurdlebrook.co.uk . TA11 7EJ, 01458 223 229. Grass fed in summer – silage in winter – sell raw milk and cream from farm or from farmers market – 2nd Saturday each month the Cheese and Grain building 9-1pm. Also delivers through Somerset Local Food Direct.
  • Suffolk, England: Grove Dairy – Pastured Raw Jersey Milk & Cream Hollesley Bay, Woodbridge, Suffolk, England. Contact +44 (0) 7967 708220, Email: info@rawjerseymilk.co.uk.
  • West Sussex: Old Plawhatch Farm Plawhatch Lane, Sharpthorne, West Sussex, RH19 4JL. A co-operative owned mixed biodynamic farm. Produce biodynamic raw milk, cheese, yogurts, cream, eggs, meat and vegetables, and sell more items in our shop. Email: info@plawhatchfarm.co.uk
  • West Sussex: Family run farm produces raw milk, eggs and meat, and sells in own shop.
  • Wethersfield/Essex: Boydells Dairy Farm Wethersfield, Braintree, CM7 4AQ, Tel 01371 850481 – sells raw ewes’ milk in frozen pints.
  • Scotland: Raw milk production and retail has been outlawed in Scotland since 1983 but can be purchased mail order from England and Wales.

Readymade Meals