You know that you want to lose weight, feel great, and be a better picture of health. You also recognize that the food pyramid makes up the very best guideline for how to achieve that healthy eating quotient. Even though you know these things you still may find that you feel a bit confused when it comes to the healthiest foods.

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There are certain foods that just stand head and shoulders above the rest. Not only are they great for weight loss but they also introduce some of the best nutrients into the diet as well. The foods listed here don’t make up a complete list, but they are amongst the top choices that should be part of your eating regimen.

If you want to turn to some of the best foods out there, then look at these to get you started on the best health regimen of your life.


Though all nuts provide a healthy dose of protein, these are some of the best out there. Nuts tend to be high in calories and fat, but walnuts are amongst the lowest in both. Though they do contain fat they happen to be the healthy kind that can prevent many health conditions. It’s helpful to incorporate walnuts into your meals as they are full of fiber, help you to stay full longer, and they introduce some of the healthiest nutrients out there.


These truly are one of the most effective “super foods” out there. The reason that you hear so much about blueberries is that they are literally packed with antioxidants. Why does this matter to you? What antioxidants do in the body is help to fight off any type of foreign substance including cancer cells. You will find that blueberries help to boost the immune system in the short term and help to prevent serious health conditions in the future such as cancer.


This is the best of the best in terms of greens which we already know are good for us. Kale is loaded with fiber, key vitamins, and overall helps to work towards prevention of serious health conditions. Kale can be a great substitute for unhealthy foods, and kale chips are quickly replacing the higher fat potato alternatives. You are going to get a real bang for your buck, virtually no calories or fat, and a healthy serving of fiber and key nutrients with this super food.

Sweet Potatoes

The rich vibrant color that you find within sweet potatoes should tell you that you are in for something truly special. The guideline is that the richer and more vibrant the coloring of a fruit or vegetable is, the healthier it is for you. In this case it’s beta carotene, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E that you can count on. This will help to boost your immune system, improve your vision, and provide you with a very healing and natural form of energy. That’s a powerful food!


Rounding out the list is salmon. Many people used to stay away from this fish in the past as it was a fattier fish than its alternatives. What you will find though is that salmon is loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids, which is now known as a “good fat”. This nutrient helps to naturally lower elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and even prevent heart conditions. Salmon may be full of fat but it’s the good type and it’s something that you want in your diet each and every week. This is what healthy living is all about and eating these foods will help you to reach your overall goals!

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