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I am enjoying eating again, I love all the variety in the menu and the ability to change it about…
we have this wonderful source of information, tools, and encouragement included! Plus access to a community of people in like circumstances.
I think it’s great!”… *

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This post is for anyone that has become discouraged and new members. When I joined I became discouraged at first and almost gave up. I got some encouraging words from Sharon and decided to hang in. My biggest problem was trying to eat everything on my planned meals. Sharon explained that I could eat less, just keep the different foods in proportion according to the planner. I begun to understand how the TDC really worked, lightened up on myself, started experimenting with the meal planner and having fun with it. I weighed 233 when I joined, felt exhausted and hated passing by a mirror or reflective window. I trimmed down to 188, feel very energetic and can actually tie my shoes standing up… Next time you are in a grocery store, pick up 9 5lb bags of sugar. That is the weight I was carrying around all the time and mostly on my stomach. So, if you ever become discouraged at all, communicate and ask questions. I have asked several and Sharon has always responded promptly and thoroughly. And remember, use all the many, many tools here, play with the meal planner, never eat anything you do not like and HAVE FUN!!!!” *

I have been learning the site, learning new recipes,and I didnt go all BONZAI as I used to. Instead…I am buying healthier versions of the food as I run out. Such as mayo is now olive oil base or vegan. The english muffins are now swg. Eggs are now high in omega 3. I did not throw out my old food…simply using the plan to replace what I have used up. I dont feel hungry anymore!! THAT is enough to keep anyone on this plan!! I have found my temper has gotten much better. I was HUNGRY!! Not mad at the world! I have only lost a few lbs..but I feel MUCH better..and I didnt GAIN ANY!! WOO HOO!! Not hungry and didnt gain any weight! Now Thats real progress. I can live with this! And the hubby came home from the dr today….he lost 4 lbs…LOL!!!!” *

I’ve lost two more pounds. Thanks for the help.” *

On a good note I have lost 6 pounds!” *

I can’t tell you how much weight I have lost as my scales died!!!! But I can tell you that my “tight” jeans now fit well (these are my barometer as to where my weight is sitting). I can tell you that I have psoriatic arthritis (an auto immune condition) and that is IMMENSELY improved since I have been on this eating plan. I am not the easiest person to please in that I am on the road a lot for work so carrying the requisite requirements for my meals has not been easy. I have to say I am feeling fantastic! I am moving better than I have done in (seriously) years….I have kept absolutely away from processed foods and am just eating clean…and I seriously think that has been the most important point of this plan. Given my condition – this is working so well for me. Quite frankly how I am feeling is worth way more than whatever I weigh 🙂 Thank you – and I shall keep going with this for life :)” *

I have already lost 2 1/2 kilos” *

I have lost several lbs.” *

The weight just comes off very slowly, but I am still positive this is the best solution for me. I have lost 13lbs. and lost some inches off the waist/hip area. I hope this is within the average range. Hanging in there for the long haul” *

I began watching what I eat, using smaller portion control, and slowly I’m becoming a lot more active in daily life. As a result, I’ve dropped 50lbs so far. I am slowly getting my life back on track, and I won’t let anything stand in my way.” *

So I am rather new to the Trim Down Club and have lost 9lbs so far. I’m very happy about that.” *

I am down some lbs. I found the meal combinations a little strange at first, but now I love them. I really had no health problems other than extra weight, but I generally feel healthier. Very happy with the program so far!” *

I’ve lost 7lbs so far, so can’t be doing much wrong hey.I want to lose 7lbs more then be back to my happy weight of 8 and a half stone (may try for 8 stone because really into this healthier way of eating feel loads better.” *

I am fairly new to the program-this. Although I have only lost 4lbs so far, that is not my main goal, though I do welcome the weight loss. I am staying fuller and more satisfied than before. My only hangup with the diet is all the cooking and shopping. But I am adapting to that and trying to make a go of it. Been on too many diets to count. I am 63 have been overweight my whole life. This diet is healthy for me and it may not seem sometimes like it is a lot of food at one meal, but I stay fuller this way.” *

THANK YOU . This is working a treat . I have put Derek on every diet you can think of.This he is enjoying the food, kgs coming off.” *

I have lost 5lbs…I shall keep going…” *

I lost some pounds, I was not expecting that. My real focus is on eating healthy, making sure I’m getting a good mix of nutrients and vitamins and all the things my body needs to function properly and hopefully let this program take my weight back to where it should be.” *

Success, I made my target weight. I only aimed to lose 2kg as a starting point – not a lot maybe but I have never been able to shift it! I have lost a small amount from my waist 9.5 mm. It is the belly fat that has been my main concern and so I shall continue now until I this melts away. After a small plateau I halved the carbs and hey presto!” *

Already down several lbs” *

I lost 1kg! I am feeling healthier & love this new way of eating, my metabolism works overtime :-)” *

I have been doing great! I lost 10 lbs!” *

i guess this is the right place. i started program monday, today is friday and i have lost 3lbs already…loving the menu planner…so far so good!!!” *

I have been doing this healthy way of eating for five days and lost 2lbs. The redness in my face is gone, the bloating in my hands, face and feet are all gone.I have more energy and I feel good to prepare and cook for the family. I do not consider these foods expensive because I know people spend way more money on food addictions than on healthy food. Feeling happy and satisfied.” *

I have lost 5 lbs and felt great.” *

I have lost 5 lbs. Eureka!” *

Well that’s great, I lost 4lbs!!!!!” *

I have tried so many diet plans and nothing seem to work. Following the instruction to the letter I also felt hopeless. BUT NOW I can see amazing results. Clothing,health and my disposition has change for the better. My goal is to be in a two piece bathing suit showing off my “NEW” look. “Thanks Again” *

I just wanted to congratulate you on your diet plan. It’s fantastic! I have never before come across a diet that genuinely does what it claims to do and I feel great!” *

Thank You! I am still getting adjusted but have lost 2 pounds this week. The articles are very helpful in getting an informed perspective on food-shopping.” *

I just want to say “Thank You” for this wonderful program you have put together! I have been on it since this past November and have lost 17 pounds — which is one pound beyond my goal. I saw my doctor in December and my cholesterol has dropped significantly. My doctor is very pleased and even asked for the webaddress for your club. I feel healthier and have energy to carry me through the day with the frequent meals and snacks. A friend even commented that my skin looks better. Your club has literally changed and improved my life and I am very grateful.
My excitement over the Trimdownclub has carried to friends at work and church and to my family. At least 10 people I know are now on Trimdown Club, including spouses of friends and family who saw the good it did for their spouse.*
Thank you so much for this truly remarkable program. It is a blessing in my life.” *

I know it’s hard not to get discouraged when your weight fluctuates from week to week. But just try to remember that you are not on a diet as much as you are changing your eating habits to making healthy choices. Your body will eventually adjust to the new routine. I lost 5lbs my 1st week, zero lbs the 2nd week and 1lb the 3rd week. Over all it is an average of 2lb a week. I think 1-2 lbs per week is a suitable pace. The more active you can be the better chance to see results. Be cautious of not letting your portion sizes creep up on you…. “ *

I just started this last week and am down 3 lbs” *

Love this new way of eating. It takes some prep but so worth it! I’ve lost 4lbs in my first week and I feel better and I’m eating a lot of good food:)” *

I am feeling great, even though I have only lost a couple of pounds I can see my shape returning.. Yeahhhhhh.” *

I’ve been here and down 3 lbs. Stick with it. Weight is intended to come off slowly while we learn a “lifestyle” of healthy eating. Keep with it and you’ll not only see the clothes get baggy but you’ll feel healthy. Feeling and being healthy is better than anything in the world.” *

My weight goal is only 2 lbs. away now! Sticking to the plan has been well worth the effort. I will be interested to see how the Menu Planner will enable me to maintain that weight at 130 lbs” *

I started at 328lbs and am now 306lbs.” *

Thanks TDC for all your help! I love the program, the site and the results!” *

I am eating healthier, and exercising 3-4 days a week. This is going to pay off. I refuse to let anything stop me from having the health I want.” *

After being overweight for the past few years, I’ve finally decided I had to do something. I just lost 3 lb. One thing I did notice is I’m not bloated eating the foods in my new menu.!” *

I’ve lost 3.5 lbs. I’m so happy and I have never eaten so much in a week.” *

The diet and exercise are worth the effort. My doctor was excited that my overall health had improved soo much. I did the low sugar option on the diet. I told her I joined the She told me to continue with the diet and will recommend the Trim Down Club to patients.” *

TRIM DOWN CLUB is the best live change I have ever made. I have lost 2.5 stones. My legs and knees have got so much better. I can walk down the stairs straight forward instead 1 step at the time. I have gone down 3 dress sizes and have so much more energy.” *

I’ve never been this excited to eat healthier. I’ve always found it to be hard and I never was thrilled with what I was eating. I’ve changed everything to whole grain and have been following most of the menu for a week now and I feel absolutely great! I feel for the first time that this is something that i can finally stick with. I’ve lost 10 pounds so far and I can’t wait to lose more! Thank you so much for being an ad that I was glad to click on (:” *

Exercise was very far from my way of thinking for years. I just didn’t feel like doing it until I started this plan! This eating plan has given me energy I haven’t had in a long time. I can’t tell you the difference in my wellbeing that this plan has done for me! I look forward to what I do each day. In just four weeks my clothes fit better and I’ve gone from a 12W to a lose 12.” *

I went to my general doctor last month and he was ready to prescribe cholesterol pills to me. He said all my numbers have gone down. So for anyone who thinks the TDC does not work. It has for me. Planning all my meals really helps and I need the menu planner to help me to not choose the wrong foods. I just wanted to share my happiness and appreciation for TDC. Thank you for being here. I am so happy. Thank you all so very much!” *

I almost lost 7 lbs. I’m thrilled! And it’s easy. This might finally be a lifetime fix for me! Thank you!.” *

Its all about metabolism, you have to eat to lose weight.I know it does not make much sense but it does work I have lost 72LBS on this program believe me it works” *

I’ve lost some more weight! I just lost 20 lbs so far with the Trim Down Club!” *

I lost 3 pounds. I am surprised I can eat so much and lose weight. I am excited!!” *

I love Trim Down!!!I have lost 35 lbs!! I feel and look great!” *

I’ve lost 4 pounds already.” *

I must say I feel so much better, have more energy and look forward each morning to start a new day with Trim Down. I am planning on staying with this program and have lost six pounds thus far.” *

I have lost 25 pounds since the last time I weighed myself.” *

I am very happy with the meals, food and exercises. I have lost 20 lbs so far. I spend a lot of time cooking and sourcing ingredients. I have made the pumpkin bread and the whole wheat loaf. Plus some soups, chili and a chicken dish. I intend to follow this way of eating for always. It has actually taken over my life!” *

Have been following the recommended menu and feel good already!!!” *

Just joined after getting desperate about my ever increasing ‘belly fat’, I cannot believe all I have to eat during the day !! So much food. I am sticking to this eating plan like crazy! I have lost 1/2 a kilo.” *

On my new nutrition plan and I’ve lost 3/4″ on my waist. I’ve already tried a few of the recipes here and they are good. Thank you TDC for your guidance and support.” *

I am approaching my second anniversary and have lost 29 lbs and have kept it off! A challenge, with a low-functioning thyroid and metabolism problems, but the TDC has taught me how and what to eat for me! I am more active than I’ve ever been and am enjoying being healthy and feeling more comfortable with my own body.” *

I have lost 20 lbs. My Doctors and I are pleased with my results.” *

I love the menus! They save a lot of time and energy, and are almost always delicious. The pounds are coming off and I feel so much better on this plan.” *

I began the 60 day challenge and I was in town walking past boots and decided to pop in and re-weigh myself and OMG I nearly fell off the scales I now weigh 14st 6lbs. I can’t believe it, a weight loss of 11lbs. I am totally gobsmacked. Well done Trim Down Club for this awesome diet.” *

So glad I found this program and hope it works for me. So far I have lost 3.5 lbs.!” *

Many thanks, really enjoying putting my menus together…Brilliant website.” *

Thanks so much! Finding this diet fantastic and very pleased as so far have lost 5kg. Thanks again for your help.” *

I’ve lost a total of 90lbs but even more importantly my life has changed dramatically. I have a life that I want to live, I feel healthy and happy and my attitude towards myself has changed. I like and respect myself instead of feeling a failure as I used to.” *

I feel so much better since I’ve been eating the meals you plan for me! Thank you for the work you all do! I am very happy.” *

I lost 8 lbs and several inches which makes me VERY happy! Some of my clothes are already starting to be baggy. I feel really good physically and emotionally.” *

I am enjoying the program. I’ve lost 15+ pounds so far….have a long way to go, but this is the first time in years that I am eating in a way that I feel is sustainable (instead of boxes and bars).” *

I am so delighted I have lost 7 lbs!” *

I believe all the information here is very sound and helpful especially with the food environment we are surrounded with. The meal planner is a life saver for me. Thank you for giving serious and un-hyped information which has plagued the “weight management industry” for so long.” *

I am very happy with the weight loss! One thing that also makes me VERY HAPPY is the recipes that call for 4, 8 or 12 servings! This means that I can make it once, FREEZE the rest in appropriate servings, and then I don’t have to cook it the next few times I want to add it to my menu. This is a real time saver!! I have tried several NEW foods, and found that I actually love them.” *

I have really noticed a dramatic improvement in my energy levels.” *

I’m loving this plan. I have typically been a snacker, but usually reached for something sweet and decadent. I haven’t felt hungry and am 3 lbs down so far. I’m also sleeping better and my joints are not as stiff as they were before starting the plan.” *

I’ve finally found a diet that works for me!!! YIPPEEE!!! I already have lost 5 lbs. I can actually see the difference!! Thank you so much for this diet!!!” *

I have changed my eating with this program and have lost 22 lbs and many inches. I feel so much better.” *

Already lost 10 lbs and feel so much better” *

I am feeling really great. I have never managed to stay on any program for this long before. I have even lost a little weight, a bonus that is helping me feel better as well.” *

I’ve lost 14 lbs so far and am really motivated now. I have also started walking 2-3 times per week.” *

I recently joined and so far I am doing good. I lost about 9 lbs so far so my doctor is very happy.” *

I am really looking forward to this life long journey. I feel like I am finally doing something for me and now I have all the information and support to carry it through.” *

Hi I’m so happy! I reached my first goal of getting below 200. I’m so thrilled! This program is one the best things that ever happened to me. Thank you TDC.” *

I just joined the other day, and I’ve been focusing on eating every three hours. I have a good working knowledge of good protein/fats/carb combinations, but need to add wisdom to that knowledge in making a habit of eating ‘on time.’ I am very impressed by this program.” *

I have lost 13lb and I am so thankful that that I have found this club. It’s saved my life and has given me hope. I can’t wait to see my doctor’s; they are going to see a new person. Thank you to all of the Trim Down Staff.” *

I’m down to 151.4 from 157.8. I’m very pleased because this has helped me get a real grip on my own eating behaviours, which is the real issue for many of us. So I plan to keep carrying on.” *

I am so excited because today I weigh 241 pounds. I have lost 20 pounds from this challenge and 22 pounds from my highest weight of 263. The great thing is that I can just keep on going with the new lifestyle I have adopted.” *

I’ve been learning and following this program for some time. It just keeps becoming easier and easier as I lose my taste for bad foods. I was 212 pounds when I started and have maintained 134 pounds with little effort. The transformation of my body is a real gift, I wear shorts again! But the transformation of my health is a nutritional miracle. This way of eating is not meant to be for a while, but for life. Keep on working at it till it requires no thinking and just becomes a habit!” *

I have been using the menu planner and I love it. I really like that this site asks you what you like. This is so easy. I have lost 5 lbs so far. I am so glad I stumbled upon this site while reading about GMO foods.” *

I started the 60 day challenge; it’s good to know I have support and so far so good. Thank you!” *

I’ve been on this program…AND I ALREADY LOST 5 POUNDS. Wow Wow Wow” *

I have just started the program and am feeling healthier. I am enjoying my new Vegan menu, whoever wrote this is very clever.” *

I have been sticking with my eating plan and have lost 1pound. Still a long way to go, but I will keep on plugging away!” *

I just wanted to tell you that when I first joined this club, I could not even walk up the stairs without getting out of breath. Now, I’ve lost close to 27 lbs! I’ve had more energy! I now run up the stairs to get my housework done! Eating these clean foods and reading labels has really worked for me! My cholesterol went well below 200 first time ever! It really makes a difference to keep at this and I’m also 56 years old!! All I’m saying it can be done!” *

The best things about the TDC approach are its simplicity, flexibility and variety of foods.” *

I made the turkey in a jiffy and the kids LOVED it. When I was making it they were out in the kitchen eating the pine nuts and orzo asking me what it was. I looked at them and said my diet food and walked away laughing. The looks on their faces were priceless.” *

Thank you for your prompt and professional replies to my questions. I have lost 21 lb’s with very little exercise.” *

I’ve lost 5 lbs so far! Horray! This program is like having a secret weapon! I love the positive vibe of all of the posts here. We can do it and we will! :)” *

Thanks for that. have eliminated all processed foods from my diet as well as potatoes. I have been feeling better than I have in a long time. I have been suffering from indigestion and heart burn but not in the last three weeks which has been great. I have read a lot about weight loss and diets and it can be very confusing. I am going to visit my daughter in England at xmas time and have began walking daily and have built it up to 8 – 10 kilometres per day. Walking is an activity I am able to do and really enjoy. I have one day off per week where I do stretches instead. In the past I have lost weight but of course have gained it back. This is the first time that I have cut out all processed foods and potatoes from my diet also this is the first time that I have joined any kind of organisation that deals with weight loss.” *

Thanks for the info…I snuck a peek at my weight and lost 3lbs already!!! WOW…and I don’t feel hungry either, I know that weight can fluctuate…I can’t wait to see what comes next week for me…it’s so easy to find meals that I like and had alot of the food already…it made me realize that I needed to eat more fruit and veggies and I love all them in the menu for the week…” *

I love this plan and have truely got my moneys worth, so please stick with it, it is so worth it in the end” *

I’ve haven’t eaten this much food since I was a kid… I love the fact that I can eat foods that I like and still lose weight!” *

Mobility improved. A loss noted. Mental clarity improved. Feeling great.” *

Improvement is showing and I am overwhelmed with thankfulness for a solution to such a tiresome problem in my life. So, hang in there, try to eat exactly as your plan says and you will never be hungry and you watch the pounds slip off” *

I have not long started but it becomes easier than counting calories and counting protein etc. I am usually a fussy food eater but I am finding options that I like” *

I started the program. I love the suggested menu it has been easy to follow. I have already dropped 2 lbs” *

I started my weight at weight is now 146. Im thankful to all the great staff at trim down” *

I was afraid this diet would have too many carbs but am finding that it is perfect!” *

Ever since I started the six smaller meals throughout the day instead of the ‘traditional’ three larger meals a day, I’ve found myself more even keel through the day and I don’t get as fatigued as I previously did” *

overall I feel great considering i suffer of fibromalygia. the combination of the foods have reduced the inflamation of my joints” *

Hi, all. Yippee!! I have lost 24 lbs and have only about 5 more to go!! ? I faithfully use the menu planner and portions and foods each week, switching out foods and meals as I need to. I try to keep my percentage at 89 or 90% each week. My weight comes off very slowly, as I have thyroid issues as well. (I take medication, but it still isn’t quite right.) So, those of you who lose slowly, don’t lose heart! And for those of you who despair anything will ever work, don’t give up on it! Keep plugging away. It WILL work! It has for me when other things did not! :)”…
“I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. Through a series of health issues … I gained 40 lbs in 5 years and just kept gaining … I tried the dr’s suggested diet. Nothing. I tried a diet of a friend. 10 lbs in one year! sigh. Then, I began the trim down club and am now the happy loser of 11 lbs! Woo hoo!! I’m hooked! … It has really helped us”…
“this program really works! Just keep after it and be faithful to follow it the best you can! I have taken off 16 lbs so far and am thrilled with it! I love TDC because I don’t feel hungry or deprived. And THAT makes me happy!!”…
“Hit the 20 pound loss target!! So exciting! Wearing clothes I haven’t worn in several years! And feeling good about life and myself! Went to see my general practicioner and she said I inspired her!” *

Down 25lbs.! :-)”..
“Hit my goal today! 40.5lbs. So very excited!” *

Since I joined TDC, I have lost 2 stone 10 lbs. I have found the plan to fit easily into my daily schedule. The daily staple is the breakfast “chokful o granola”…..superb and really easy. The soups are fantastic, and poached eggs with asparagus so easy to cook. It works for me, and has been fairly effortless” *

The best part is that I am starting to feel better. I no longer have indigestion or stomach cramps; I feel like my energy level has gone up and strangely, I feel like my breathing has improved. So TrimDown is a good tool for more than weight loss. It’s definitely a keeper” *

I have lost a stone and a half (21 lbs). Was delighted to find this morning, that I have gone down two pant sizes. In fact, my clothes that I have been wearing, are falling off me! Thanks TDC, and Good Luck Everyone!!” *

I went to my reflexologist this afternoon. She said I looked better that I had for years not in relation to my weight but that I didn’t look stressed and tired as I usually did, that my eyes were bright and my skin was a good colour. She was also very impressed that I hadn’t taken any painkillers for my joints for the past two days. We are both convinced the lessening in pain isn’t just down to the weight I’ve lost, but that I am eating so well, that my nutritional needs are being met consistently day after day.” *

TDC is the best program i’ve ever tried” *

My spouse, John, and I both started the Trim Club Plan. We have both lost 12 lbs. This is not a diet. It is a way of life and we will eat this way for the rest of our lives”…
“We have all tried and failed before and went back to our bad ways of eating. I know I have . . . many times. But the Trim Down Plan is the right way to eat and your body will respond to it the right way”…
“This morning, for some reason, the voice in my head said, weigh yourself. I usually don’t listen to that voice, but my clothes have been fitting different. Ok. I will weight. Gasp! Down 5 more lbs. YAYYYYYYYY. Thank you Trim Down Club.” *

I too lost about 15 pounds even though I’m eating out once on the weekends” *

What kind of Voodoo is this……? 5kg down despite eating a lot more regular than I used to, I’d recommend this to everyone and just stick with it !!!” *

I can’t thank you enough. I’ve tried everything and am an expert at counting carbs, calories, points,and every other diet invented. This is so easy. I eat 5 times more than I was! You do all the work. I just buy it and eat it! Thank you ,thank you, thank you!! And thanks to my doctor who recommended you”…
“Lost “10? pounds!!!!! I’d turn a cartwheel if it wouldn’t break every bone in my body!!! Whooo Hooo!”…
“My husband is so impressed with how I’m doing and how much I love this plan that he is now going to join me.!!!! Yeah!!!!” *

I am delighted that I have lost the stone I set myself as a target. Feels great!” *

I actually find TDC VERY good value for money. Most other diet programmes will take a monthly fee off you – and that can add up to a much higher amount of money over the year(s). Considering it’s only a one time price of less than a meal out, I think it’s brilliant. I love all the articles and *recent studies* which I spend a bit of time each night having a nose through”…
“since I started my diet, I have been finding that I’ve never once felt hunger. There’s plenty on the menu to eat” *

I already lost 3kg ! look better, feel better & as a side effect the wife has also lost 2kg eating the same as me, I actually eat more now than I did before.
This is a way of life…. not a diet !” *

I’m 67 and so glad I joined TrimDown Club. Using the Menu Planner (modified for my needs) and constant exercise, I’ve lost 25 lbs. My lungs and heart are happier, not to mention my mindset. If you are thinking about getting healthier …. what’s stopping you? Really!” *

Did my grocery shop after selecting food for the week I love the recipes !!! Brocolli bake was yummo !! Today I made the Lemak Laska soup which was fabulous !! Looking forward to the week end I will freeze some meals for the following week !!” *

I have followed the program pretty close and have held my weight and not gained. I have less than 10 lbs to go. I’m not worried about how fast I loose cause I am eating healthy! Thank you Trim Down club for your never tiring to make the program better.” *

Down 14 pounds! The best news is my BMI moved out of the obese category and back to overweight” *

Losing weight was very hard for me because I am supposed to be husky and broad for the rest of my life. I simply gave up hope until I found the trim down club. Now I am really looking slimmer” *

I am losing weight as we speak without ever feeling hungry” *

I am down 15lbs.! Thank you TDC!!” *

love the fact that I don’t have to be the one to figure out which carbs to eat with which proteins,etc” *

I hit my first goal today!!!!! That’s 20 lbs off. I’ll stay on for another 5 lb. Then I’ll be the weight I was when I married”…
“The calories don’t matter in this way of eating, trust them, the menu generated for you is balanced and gives you the right combination of nutrients so you can lose weight safely and slowly. I have lost 12 lb and that makes me very happy”…
“… I am enjoying eating again, I love all the variety in the menu and the ability to change it about … we have this wonderful source of information, tools, and encouragement included! Plus access to a community of people in like circumstances. I think it’s great!” *

Im happy as I have gone from 96kilos down to 90.8…hope it keeps going, it has been slow I guess that makes progress even more satisfying. :-)” *

I’m so excited because now I can try out new recipes and enjoy soups I prepare rather than the ones from the can. I’m actually starting to enjoy cooking! (Believe me this is a miracle in itself.)” *

Wow this is great, love this site!
Thanks for all the help and support :)” *

My husband has lost about 20 pounds. I have lost 47 pounds eating high fiber, whole grains that are not refined and lots and lots of fruits and vegetables. Our doctor is happy about the weight loss and is encouraging us to keep going” *

I am now down 10 and a half pounds since I joined. Another two-pound loss will put me down to 160, a place I haven’t been in a very long time” *

My husband and I joined together since I do the cooking lol!. I passed my goal weight of 130 lbs by reaching 135 lbs and started the maintenance portion of the diet. No problem keeping it off with the maintenance portion of the diet. Thank you so much, Trim Down Club. I finally after all these years know how to eat properly. I and my husband feel great, look great and are really grateful for the folks at TDC” *

I thought I knew it all since I have been on every diet out there. But this program has me learning what is healthy. It is not a diet but a way of life now. I feel so much better now and look forward to continued success not just in the months ahead, but for the rest of my life” *

I’m very excited to have a place that does all the work for you by providing a meal plan that’s so easy to follow” *

I have lost 10 pounds. At least the scale moves and for that I am grateful. For over 3 years the scale would not budge. The Dr told me I needed to eat because I workout 7 days a week. After joining this club, the scale moved because I am eating now. A lot of food!” *

I think this program is about teaching us All how to properly eat and what kinds of foods are best. I’m feeling great, my waist line has gotten much smaller, my clothing is getting looser” *

I’m pleased to report that I’ve not felt hungry once and have already lost five pounds! I made my first loaf of swg bread yesterday – the bread was delicious and easy to make” *

With modifications I can live with, a way of life is evolving. Cut carbs, sugars, eat 1 portion not 2-3, endless water, and exercise. It really does matter” *

I joined recently for many reasons. Logic, sensibility and adaptability all played in to the attraction of this program. I have loved reading the posts. (You are some smart people!)” *

I am love, love, loving it. I have researched and prayed for a very long time and THIS seems to be the most logical, sensible, effective, life-long friendly program I have found. With God’s help, I’m going to be a success story for the Trim Down Club. Goal is to be healthy!!!” *

I have been trying to follow the plan and have lost 4 pounds!! I have made changes to my carb choices and increased my activity” *

Great website. Thanks.” *

Hi all. I have lost 6lbs and my husband has lost 7lbs! We haven’t felt hungry on it either.Keep going is my advice. I am really enjoying it” *

I don´t feel hungry and follow the plan makes me feel motivated and dynamic. But today I felt not in my best and I received a mail from Trim Down that made me feel connected and encourage to go on. Thanks.” *

this is a lifestyle change and it is not forcing you to eat what you don’t like or enjoy. We have both lost 4 pounds so far and have combined this with our new hobby of cycling” *

time to weigh in! down 7 lbs. enjoying the program. thanks to the club” *

I am happy with my progress so far, already I don’t have the urge to snack later in the evening, which was a big problem for me before” *

Just knowing it is ok to mess up, then pick up and go on is so refreshing. I don’t feel condemned and like a failure as with so many other weight loss programs … this is an awesome place! Go thankful to have found it. Have a fantastic day everyone” *

I’m at the point where I’ve finally got all “non-healthy eating” foods gone from the cupboard and am 100% on this plan. I’ve lost 10 lbs” *

I have lost 5lbs so far.I have also started a run/walk programme to help with the weight loss. I feel energetic and healthy on this programme” *

I finally decided to join, and am happy to say ive lost as of this morning 4.6kg, more important I feel great, my cloths are fitting again and some are now a little lose, im saving money to buy a whole new lot of cloths when I reach my goal weight which im confident I will achieve with the help of this site it already has changed my life” *

You are all very inspirational to me thank you for your posts. I have followed the plan about 85% of the time and have lost 3 lbs” *

Hi, My name is Maria and I’ve lost 21 lbs. I’m following “The Express Meals Plan” … This has to be the best weight loss program I’ve ever been on!!” *

I have lost 4 pounds so far, and I feel like I am eating more food than ever … This is a great club. I love the support and the recipes ?” *

The variety is great, because I get bored when diet foods are the same thing over and over. My husband is also enjoying the food … As for the amount of food, no amount of food is too much for me. I have a good appetite. When I’m not hungry, I’m sick. So I like the amount of food I can eat” *

This program is more like a lifestyle. Controlling your weight is one benefit, however, you will also have more energy to spend for doing other things. Following the guidelines and avoiding the 5 foods that are bad for you. Overall I lost over 20 pounds stuffing myself with good food. I probably would do better if I did not drink wine at lunch and dinner but… So be patient it does work” *

I cheated once with a hot chocolate and have lost 5 pounds !!!! I’ve never eaten so much in my life and I feel great . I really do. I will stick to this plan probably indefinitely . Nutrition is important to me !” *

7lbs! I am amazed … At this pace I’ll be at goal weight in no time! Thank you Trim Down Club, you rock!” *

I think this program is great” *

I truly feel so much better … I really feel as though I am building muscle and losing fat. It shows in so many ways. Why, just the other day, my brother came to visit and I hadn’t seen him in about 2 yr. Without even mentioning the TDC he said to me, “Whatever you’re doing it makes you look younger and healthier.” I was a tak’in back. It’s sure great to get those kind of encouraging compliments”…
“Well everyone: I am so happy today. I have lost 12 lb. I’m glad to hear others doing well also” *

I weighted 187 now down to 180. i have never seen this kind of results. good luck!!!!!” *

I’m really excited it is so nice to be “full”. I think I’ve always been hungry and have not been able to sleep well…I am sleeping like a baby now!”…
“…I love the recipes, the forum where we share our thoughts, and the benefits of feeling better (and never hungry), being healthier, and losing weight on top of it!”…
“I am so happy to be seeing the benefits of this program. I went to the doctor last Friday, and he was amazed at how all of my “numbers” have improved. This program truly works. It has made a believer out of me! So hang in there everyone! May we all meet our goals!” *

This is a good way to live, not being hungry or feeling guilty for over eating. Thanks for your encouragement” *

I have stuck to this plan and have lost 12 pounds with another 24 to go to reach my optimum. I try to see this as a ‘lifestyle’ change that I must commit to for it to work … Best of success to you…and welcome!” *

It certainly has helped me a lot … It is a lot of fun going to the supermarket and shopping for the right healthy items” *

Hi Everyone I have been on the programme and have lost 4.4lbs so far exactly where I wanted to – around my middle!! The bonus is that I no longer suffer from a bloated windy uncomfortable tummy after eating. This is definately a healthy way to go” *

Honestly, even if I don’t lose another pound, I am so grateful that I have found a way to truly nourish my body and feel strong and healthy. The recipes in the TrimDown cookbook look fabulous … The Journal and the Progress Meter have been tremendous motivators for me and are really helping me stay in touch with my body and my nutrition” *

I went gluten free due to migraine headaches and have lost over 50 pounds. I found this site as I was looking for some juicing recipes. I was so happy to find a Gluten free option with new ideas. Looking forward to the journey with you all” *

This is amazing, I can’t believe that I’m actually eating more food than I ever have and I’m losing. What’s more, I’ve had a cough ever since I had pneumonia in Dec and 2 days on this I’ve stopped coughing. This is GREAT … I find it really easy and I feel so much better. So glad I accidentally found this site” *

I MADE IT FOR 8 DAYS AND AM SO HAPPY WITH THIS PROGRAM. I must say this is easy because being retired makes it easy to shop, prepare and I am losing on a daily basis and feel just great. I never feel hungry” *

I started this awesome “new way of eating for the rest of my life” plan 5 days ago. I already have so much more energy and my pants aren’t as tight. My husband who also needs to lose weight and my daughter who doesn’t need to but likes to eat healthy, want to get started too” *

Great success so far. Keep on going and it will slowly continue to work” *

I jointed 2 months ago and since I have been eating healthy food, I feel SOOOOOO much better. Even with my limitations in regard to exercises, I have found ways to be more active. I quit allowing myself to “find an excuse”. I have lost weight and plan to loose more” *

Whoopee! I have lost 3 pounds! … I’ll keep right on it!” *

I jointed 2 months ago and since I have been eating healthy food, I feel SOOOOOO much better. Even with my limitations in regard to exercises, I have found ways to be more active. I quit allowing myself to “find an excuse”. I have lost weight and plan to loose more” *

Whoopee! I have lost 3 pounds! … I’ll keep right on it!” *

I have lost 6 pounds … some ppl are able to lose it so easily….not me but thats ok long as it slowly disappears and my health keeps improving. im happy :)” *

Hi, lost 11 pounds … I like all the meals and I know I am eating more healthy” *

Good news down 5 lbs!! I don’t miss the sweets folks with fruits and good recipes … so glad I joined trimdown. It taught me the good foods to eat and the bad foods which I really never knew about. I don’t miss the sugar and I don’t miss the white flour I make the cookie recipes they are great and the brown bananna is a great treat” *

I have lost 8.8 lbs. I have not been hungry at all. In fact, I’ve not been able to eat all food … I’m loving the ease of this program.” *


So far I’ve lost 29 pounds and have been sticking to the menus provided by the planner app … Good luck everyone I think really works” *

Lost 31 lbs … Need to buy some new clothes now! :)” *

This is a fantastic diet! I’ve lost 7lbs. You need to experiment and decide which recipes you like and which ones arent your favorites. Im loving this. Its FUN” *

My hat is off to all of you nice people that work hard at maintaining the guidelines put forth by TrimDown. It takes a lot of dedication and I know it will pay off for you” *

This diet is awesome. MY weight was approximately 210 today I weigh 191 Thank you” *

I never thought I would or could go on a diet, but I am doing it. I had acid reflux so bad I would want to cry at night and the day I would feel sick. Since I have changed my eating habbits it has gone away and I am so thanksful” *

I find this site amazing having the support and guidance really makes healthier eating achievable. I feel so much better” *

Just want to say that this program worked for me. My goal was to lose 10 lbs. Since I’ve been doing this program, I actually lost more than that: I lost 12 lbs. I’m back in clothing that I used to wear before I was pregnant (six years ago) … The program has become just second nature to me now … Thanks Trim Down Club!” *

I have managed to loose 12lbs so far all my friends said you will never loose weight eating all that well I have proved them wrong” *

The combination of exercise, good wholesome food and the elimination of ASPARTAME in my diet has made me a new man both physically, mentally and spiritually” *

I am so pleased that my weight is slowly going down and not bouncing around. It is hard to believe that all the food all day long does the trick” *

I’m excited because I already know this works. I’ve experienced the results already. Good luck to you” *

It really really works! I still can’t believe my eyes each morning as I step on the scales. 5.6 lbs. Wow! … First diet ever where I can actually say I’m having FUN!” *

I have lost 10 lbs. I have tried diets for the past 11 years and have never lost this much so soon … My focus this time is healthy eating, not how fast I can lose weight. Surprisingly this is how I have lost the most weight”…
“… I feel great and so do my kids. I can’t believe the change in all of us!” *

I am very satisfied with the program. Lost my lbs. I’ve found new energy and a joy in my life” *

Hi i have made the sweet potatoe pudding, yes and i am nuts about it:) also made lemon muffins,dont cook them in cases like the picture cause they stick. Must say all the recipes i have done have been lovely. plus the fact ive lost 9lb is a huge bonus. Go Trim down club :)” *

I’ve now dropped 21 pounds and am just over halfway to my goal … his is the most in-shape and healthy I’ve been in years, so I’m extremely satisfied” *

I really like this change of life. I am never hungry, always satisfied and truly feel better … I have lost 10 pounds and am so excited to continue on. My family all love junk food, but they have enjoyed the dishes I have been cooking for dinner … Good Luck everyone, I hope you reach your goals” *

I’m especially enjoying brown rice and actually tasting foods as never before. Sinus congestion reduced, not hungry between meals and eating lots” *

I have always thought, it isn’t the fat from real cows milk or bread or even sugar that is the problem. It’s the way it is tampered with I.e. preservatives, processing all the nutrients out and now the GMO problem, tampering with our crops. I am so excited to have found this program! Oh and yes, I have already lost weight. Yay!” *

I have lost 9 lbs then have been seriously food challenged by social events. Have been doing well as I have maintained the weight loss. When you do lose it you do feel better” *

I have to brag today. I lost 4.5 pounds. I lost 3 inches from my natural waistline and 2.25 inches from the circumference at my belly button within this month … eading the forums helps me find answers to problems and inspiration when I need accountability. The diet journal app helps me stay honest about my efforts” *

I lost 6 pounds. It’s the best plan I’ve tried” *

Best of all I am losing some weight and I don’t feel hungry or bored with my food. I have plenty of energy for exercising at the gym and walking” *

Since starting this I have more energy. I don’t want to just sit around. I’m enjoying my food, and I feel good. I just had to weigh myself to discover 5lb down! Brilliant!”…
“I really look forward to reading the updates … helps a lot with the motivation … I’m really enjoying everything about this programme” *

I have lost 9 pounds and feel really good. The food is good the shakes are great” *

I am having so much with this program … I don’t think it is going to be too hard to switch the family over to eating the right way … I have always liked the healthy food, I just never new how to put them together in a healthy way. Thank you Trim Down Club. And thank you all of my cruise members” *

I actually took time to read absolutely all of the information provided … It’s VERY good & helpful in understanding how all this works … I’ve made the coco pumpkin cookies, the cashew chicken wrap, & a few other breakfast things!! VERY GOOD!! My family is loving the food & I’m BLOWN away these are foods I can eat freely. So yummy & satisfying too … This is the best plan I’ve ever found” *

Hello. I am from Australia and have lost 800gm (1.76 pounds) without even trying! … I am very impressed so far!!” *

I took my time researching this one before jumping in, and am very impressed with what I’ve read and learned. I am not feeling hungry or anxious—-just relaxed and content!”…
“I have been on the plan and dropped 7lbs… amazed at how much energy I have and how content and satisfied I feel each day!” *

When I joined I was afraid to stop eating fast food, but now I look in the mirror and I can see firsthand what happens when you believe in yourself and a system that works. I never thought becoming healthier would be so easy and now after loosing 6 pounds I feel my life is going somewhere” *

I have been enjoying this food program and I have lost 3 kg … I am happy with that and not finding the program hard at all” *

My husband and I lost 2.5 lbs each … We’re getting used to the different foods and are feeling good about eating healthier. I’m also getting better at using the menu planner and making meals out of it … Congratulations on your success everyone!!” *

I’ve been using these tools for for some time now … i can tell in my clothing that i have shrunk a little…yay! I feel great, loads more energy … So stick with it guys…you are making a change” *

I just want to compliment whoever put together the menu site. I think it is great and easy to do. One thing, unless I haven’t gotten to it yet” *

The Planner serves as a really great guide. I feel more in control of my choices than I ever have … with the Planner, I know exactly what volumes of what I can afford to eat without gaining weight” *

I have been on this diet for 10 days and I have already lost 4 pounds. The first few days was hard. I almost didn’t want to measure my weight because for some reason I thought it wouldn’t work. But now I am on track and can’t wait to measure myself at the end of this week” *

I really love the food better than other diets i will stick to this diet as the food is great and i am satisfied” *

Weighing in this a.m. lost 6.1 pounds! … I have faith this program is the right one for me. I had to ‘renew’ my mind about exercising and now I don’t resent getting on the treadmill!” *

I cannot believe how much I have lost with all the food I am eating. I am actually eating more volume than I did before starting the plan” *

I am living in the US and very excited to get going over here with this program … This site is very impressive and EXACTLY the type of program I have been looking for” *

I’m really enjoying the cruise, the gentle support, and the international flavor of this forum” *

Over the years i have lost hundreds of pounds only to regain and become heavier than before. I do believe that with this program it will allow me to keep the weight off as I see it to be a positive lifestyle change that I will be able to be comfortable with and stick with … until now I have lost 18 pounds” *

I’m so grateful for this program, because it has staved off the constant feeling I was having of being constantly famished” *

I’ve lost 3.8 Kg (8lbs) and still eating what seems like quite a bit” *

Lost 11.5 lbs. Has in no way been difficult just a new mind set … The information, suppport and folks like YOU are amazing” *

Weighed this morn Monday and had lost over 5 lbs so eating more than iv ever done is working” *

I use my clothes as a scale … I have dropped down a size…my clothes are fitting soooo much nicer..I feel more energized too! Love reading all the comments..very encouraging most of the time and we don’t have to leave the house!” *

My husband and I made a commitment to eat healthy starting the New Year 2013. I am glad I found Trim Down Club and the community to help us along a healthier path” *

I’m very happy with this diet … I am most impressed with how my belly is not sticking out as before. And I have not been hungry at all” *

I’m loving the menu. My husband and I shared the dinner of potato, tomato and brocolli cheesy bake. Delicious” *

I have lost 14 pounds already. I think this plan is great. You just have to make sure you are reading all the information that is given to you and make you best choices” *

Hi I am losing weight, I weighed myself this morning and have dropped below 13 st for the first time since having my children I also have all of my pre-pregnancy clothes in the back of my wardrobe and on one of my shelves in many sizes, I have also moved all the bad foods and have a old sweet tin for the kids nice things, I find this program very good and the food diary works well” *

Just weighed myself have lost 6 1bs wow great ,Enjoy your day” *

I have lost a total of 7 lbs. lost. I am enjoying this way of eating. Never hungry… I feel great” *

Lost 17 lbs :)” *

Wow this is working great ive lost 6lb & have so much more energy” *

I just started this diet, I feel so much better since I started to eat healthy foods” *

I’ve lost 15 lbs.
I’m very excited about this and can’t wait to see how I do in my next weigh in!!!!” *

If it makes you feel this good changing what you eat, the weight lose is important, but the feeling gives you the motivation to get up and want to go” *

I really like the 14 day express meal plan” *

I have lost fourteen pounds. It really works! … It changes your whole life, I feel better then I have in a long time. I can even bend over without being out of breath, lol” *

I am very happy with this way of eating, I eat most of what is here anyway … I have been with trimdown and lost 10lbs. Feeling great.” *

Amazing that I have lost 3 lbs. I am not hungrey anymore” *

I can say finally I have got on “THE SCALE”…. An was a happy camper… I lost 5 pounds” *

* Testimonial Disclaimer: All of the testimonials presented above are real and were written by actual members of the Trim Down Club. Please take into consideration that these testimonials do not necessarily represent typical results of The Trim Down Club program. Results may vary between different members of the Trim Down Club program due to differences in individual exercise history, genetics, age, sex, personal motivation and other factors. Please consult a physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.

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