Yes, you can! Enjoy this keto-friendly chocolate pudding and share it with your loved ones.

Kcal: 410 Proteins: 7 Fat: 38 Net Carbs: 13

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  • Preparation Time

    10 minutes
  • Baking Time

    0 minutes
  • Difficulty Rating

  • Health Level

  • Serves




  1. Put all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Pour into serving sized cups, cover and refrigerate at least 5 hours or overnight .
  3. Before serving, garnish with sliced almonds.

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    • Hi, Cheryl. Absolutely! Coffee is “free” – you just need to consider what you add to it. For sweeteners, we recommend natural no-carbohydrate types, like Stevia and erythritol. For whiteners, light cream of half-and-half are keto-supportive without being overly rich. A tablespoon or two per day can be used without counting, but beyond that, you should cut back a little on other foods. If you use cream and will use more than that amount each day, you can post your total daily amount here, and I can give you more specific recommendations.

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