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emmafroud 9 years ago

Have you tried exercising at home instead of paying membership. I started off with Tony Horton 10 min trainer its really good for getting into the swing of things, its enjoyable and you set the limit of how much you want to do. if you would like to find it try Hope this helps

janxpress 9 years ago

nanbreslin, I feel the same way with the gym membership being deducted from my bank account and I have only gained 30 lbs as a result. The first week is a force play, we just have to get off our butts and go. I am starting back to the gym in the morning. I challenge you to do the same! I will check back and see IF YOU FOLLOWED THROUGH!

nanbreslin 9 years ago

I have a gym membership that I pay for monthly and never use. Today I told myself I am going to get up and go to they gym. Lets see If I do it. I can see that I am getting out of breath when I walk up a set of stairs and I have no upper body strength. I really need to get motivated for my health but find it is too easy to just not go.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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