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atheen 9 years ago

I’m new to the site. I joined the Y last year and just made the first goal “getting there,” whether or not I did much. I think the most under rated activity and probably the best and easiest is just walking. I started by walking the track at the Y for 15 minutes, and when I was no longer short of breath doing it, I started to work up to an hour. If I really get into it–as I do when I have someone to talk to–I can get in up to 2 hours. I started slow but am now going at a faster pace. Other than that I do a few exercises for a damaged right knee (an old injury), hand weights for upper body, and a few yoga stretches to improve flexibility every morning; that’s it for my regime. I get to the Y almost every day as part of my routine unless I’m out of town or the weather prohibits it. It’s just become a habit.

Elislaw 9 years ago

I too have a gym membership I don’t use due to slackness. When it runs out I want to rejoin Curves. I have joined many gyms and done many diets over the last 10 years.

At the moment I am unable to go to gym as I have to see a heart specialist and my dr told me to wait until I see him. Now I regret not going and using my membership to get healthy. You dont realise what you haved until you are unable to do it.

I am able to do gentle walks so I will start that tomorrow. I just did 3 mins on my exercise bike and 3 mins doing gentle bouncin on my rebounder. Neither of these had been used for months.

I also enjoy swimming and aqua aerobics so will start these as soon as allowed while the weather is still hot.

ywomen 9 years ago

Well today was a good day. Worked out on cardio for 50 mins and did weights for 30 mins. I try to go everyday, under doctor care go monthly, off blood pressure meds for 4 months, have asthma and back issues. Been workin on this 3 1/2 years, it is alot of work but so worth doing it the healthy way. Good luck everyone and hugs

camplaffalot 9 years ago

Wasn’t feeling tip top today, so didn’t do the weight exercises. However, I did my leg exercises and upped the reps to 15. Ate really well today and really enjoyed it.

Hugs – 15 reps!
Mary Ellen

jackiee 9 years ago

Hi Mary Ellen, geat news about the excercises, I was wondering how you were getting on. Please you’ve managed 3 days in a row. Take care Jackie

camplaffalot 9 years ago

Okay, gang, I did it! This is day 3 of my very mild exercises to get me moving again. All have been recommended by a physical therapist and I am starting slowly, but HEY! I DONE DOOD ‘EM 3 DAYS IN A ROW!

How about you?

Hugs, 10 reps,
Mary Ellen

camplaffalot 9 years ago

Welcome U592692 (now THERE’S a catchy name!) and I can relate. Had a heart attack in 2002 and now I have late state colon cancer and I’m on chemo. I want to FEEL better. I am obese. I am old (73). But my mind is still young and thin and horny. So let’s cheer each other on each day! I just know we will feel better. I just know it!

Hugs, (10 reps)
Mary Ellen

PS Can I just call you U5? At my age I’ll never remember the other numbers…..

U592692 9 years ago

Hey everyone, I like the camaraderie! I am a young 47 and just recovered from open heart surgery! Not over weight, low cholesterol, and no outward reasons why I stricken with heart disease other than I have a long family history of early death due to heart failure. I am certainly thankful that I did not follow the family tradition of death by 50! So, lets get up off our behinds and get HEART HEALTHY! Forget about the number on the scale, think about the number of years you want to live and enjoy children and grandchildren, not to mention I have the best husband In The world I want to live for! Let get FIT!

nanbreslin 9 years ago

Good for you Mary Ellen. I went to the gym yesterday for 1/2 hour and am sore today. But I am going again tonight for another 1/2 hour.

Hi Jan. Checking back on your challenge. Did you go to the gym this morning?

camplaffalot 9 years ago

Yesterday was yesterday. I’ve had my healthy breakfast and I’ve actually started my exercise for today! I am pretty much chair bound, so I am doing seated exercises and lifting 8 lb free weights. Only 10 reps for now. Seems so little, but let me tell you, I can FEEL it! Will do some more later in the day.

C’mon, ladies and gentlemen! We CAN do this!

Hugs (10 reps)!
Mary Ellen

camplaffalot 9 years ago

Okay, okay, okay already! I’m doing me seated exercise! You got me to do it! Could you just bug me again tomorrow, please?

Thank you from one who hates exercise of any kind.

Hugs on ya (I do like this exercise.)

Mary Ellen

nanbreslin 9 years ago

I have trouble sticking to workouts also. It is hard when you work all day. I also get winded easily. Today was my first day back to the gym in many months. I find if I exercise earlier in the day it is easier. By the end of the day I am too tired. I only stayed at the gym for 30 minutes. Start slow and work your way into it. Eventually we will feel better and want to exercise. Good Luck

wmtlatimer 9 years ago

I am brand new to the Trim Down Club. I think my biggest problem is sticking to workouts. I started swimming and felt like I was making progress but then had an emergency appendectomy that kept me bed ridden for five weeks and limited my workouts for 3 to 4 months. I am trying to get motivated again. I went hiking yesterday and felt winded just walking 0.7 miles in a park. I’d like to find a friend online to help motivate me….and I’d return the favor.

janxpress 9 years ago

Way to go Nan!!! I am going in the morning! Will report back and let you know that I did go!!

nanbreslin 9 years ago

Jan I am taking you up on the challenge. On my way to the gym now.
Thank you for the support.

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