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 glofit1 5 years ago

Looking forward to giving this program a try. Unfortunately, my computer died after signing up, but was able to print out the info. Currently trying to get my head wrapped around the plan. In the meantime, hope to have a new laptop in a couple of weeks to chat and share info with everyone. Good luck to those of us just starting and congrats to those who are working the program. Thanks Amber Mink for the words of encouragement and for sharing Brenda’s story. Glo – Hawthorne, NV

 Ossie-Sharon 5 years ago

Hi, myw2572. You can click on the circular arrow icon next to any of the items to switch them out – either to a spread or something other than bread.

 myw2572 5 years ago

I just started the menu today and for breakfast it I have 2 slices of bread along with a couple of other items. Are we supposed to eat the bread with nothing on it?

 Ossie-Sharon 5 years ago

Hi, MummaMason, and welcome. For updates on people who have lost weight, you can see this thread here
If you are asking about how to get your weekly menus, the following is a brief guide:
To get menus, you enter the Menu Planner application (in “Apps” above).
It will walk you through the process of choosing the foods you want in your menus, from Breakfast to Lunch to Dinner to Snacks, in each food group.
Once you have selected enough foods, you will see an orange check mark at each food group.
At the end of the “Snacks” tab, when you get to the very end, you will see the “Finish” button, and when you click on it, you will get your menus.
If you would like more support for this, you can access Tech Support through the “Contact Us” link below.
If you would like more general information about principles of the program, please do repost here.

 mummamason 5 years ago

hi everyone

I dont understand how u do the menus just paid money and confused how this works has anyone on here lost lots of weight also how do i alter info on me got me down has 63 made me 10 yrs older. deb

 Noza 5 years ago

Just generated a weeks menu. I like the suggested food. The problem is I grow my own vegetables and some fruit. At the moment I have cabbage, lettuce, garlic, raddish,carrots, sugar peas. Round peas ready and runner beans, shallots and red onions almost ready; tomatoes coming on. Just about to start using new potatoes. Lots of strawberries ready, raspberries and blueberries soon will be ready

 Noza 5 years ago

Signed up the other day. Am visiting family at the moment so just trying to get my head around things. I think I will have to do it bit by bit. Probably starting with breakfast and snacks as this seems the easiest way and won’t interfere with main meals prepared for myself and my husband. Tried to buy SWG’s but none of the ‘Whole Food Shops’ had heard of them. I live in the UK

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