A successful relationship is built on strong foundations of trust and communication.  Overcoming the obstacles along the way helps to constantly strengthen and tighten the relationship.
The will power and character of the couple will dictate the connection, and a proper cooperation between the two sides will bring success and fulfillment to the relationship. Can running contribute to a better relationship and  long term success? If so, how can this activity contribute? Here are 5 ways to run together and stay together.

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1.       Finding quality time
Running is an activity that allows the couple to have natural quality time. During the joint activity there is a momentary sublime feeling that you are the center of the universe. Finding everyday recreation time is considered quite a hard task.

In an era of texting and social networking, time together is even scarcer. Fortunately, running doesn’t include being glued to the screen and keyboard for hours at a time. Therefore couples that workout together can find running to be a great way to spend some quality, satisfying and enjoyable time together.. This type of quality time can consist of any form of exercise, even  lifting.

2.       Achieving goals and objectives
Setting goals and mile stones are necessary actions for those interested in making it big in life. These actions also apply to any relationship where the  goal is to strengthen and to coordinate appropriate expectations. Among couples who run together there’ll usually be one common goal to every activity – to reach the end of the track and reach a pre-set distance or time. What’s really important is to finish the run together, which means that each couple has a common goal with commitment towards each other to reach the goal as a team. As a result, the motivation level miraculously rises and a common understanding rises that together you can achieve a lot more than the actual run. Like in every relationship, running doesn’t always come easily. The enormous investment from both sides will make the activity significantly easier along with conservation and upgrading the relationship.

3.       Improved communication and satisfaction
An emphasis in a quality relationship should be good communication and being satisfied with each other. The advantage in this form of activity is that we’re committed to maintain communication throughout the way, especially in long runs. Recent studies showed improvement in relationships and satisfaction amongst couples as a result of working out together. During the activity it is important to create a dialogue to make sure that it is achieved in a proper pace. Long runs allow couples to communicate for a long term without major distractions. This allows for full attention towards each other. Quality running time alleviates the feeling of daily routine and gives the relationship a feeling of added-value which will help in keeping it for the long haul.

4.       Overcoming obstacles
Much like other sport branches, even in running we can get hurt, feel tired and weak. These things can occur in at least one spouse during the practice. In such not-so-simple situations it’s best to take an approach that will create the opportunity to overcome the obstacles together. What does that mean? If one of the spouses falls the other spouse’s responsibility would be to help and get them back on their feet. Assuming it is a physical fall, fatigue, depression or lack of drive it might cause distress in the other spouse and as a result will decrease their ability to exercise. The mutual guarantee to get back on track quickly will bring the couples to be stronger both physically and mentally. These trials will help the couples in understanding the importance of mutual responsibility and being there for each other when times get tough.

5.       Mutual memories
In many cases, the first run, as well as our major achievements, will be etched into our brains as unforgettable. In addition, the couples’ mutual memories are filled with experiences due to mutual activities. Looking back, couples will always have their memories that can be shared for many years through stories of success and happy moments that might even continue through future generations. Most of all, the most significant memory that will be saved is the memory of the smile at the end of the run.

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