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Ossie-Sharon 10 years ago

Hi, Kpete. Please see our shopping guide here: You can also find products online at Amazon, and if you live in the US, in warehouse-type stores such as Target, WalMart, and CostCo.

Kpete 10 years ago

Where the heck do you buy products with sprouted wheat grains???

Ossie-Sharon 11 years ago

Hi, Barb. Other than trying local health-oriented shops, your best bet would be health food stores, such as those listed in this link

tomm 11 years ago

SWG = Sprouted Whole Grains. Typically SWG is better than grains that have not sprouted yet.

nanbreslin 11 years ago

I am new also and do not know what SWG is.

carmel 11 years ago

hello to everyone. just joined and finding all sorts of hints and tips to start my new life to begin healthy and fitter (and slimmer). thank you to ossie for her links. next time I am in london (only 30 minutes by train) will be going to get some products to try.

barbs 11 years ago

I am in UK (Lincoln). Are there any bread products that I can buy locally or branded alternatives? Thanks Ossie

TreeofLife 11 years ago

I too noted that SWG was used before the Sprouted Whole Grain was explained. Usually the acronym will follow it the first time. Sprouted Whole Grain (SWG) and then just used SWG.

Ossie-Sharon 11 years ago

SWG and other products found in the Menu Planner can be found in the following UK locations (barbs – where are you located)?
Whole Foods Market (UK, US, Canada)
Stores and online shopping

Natural Food Finder (UK)
Links (including to raw dairy suppliers)

Goodness Direct – “Shop By Aisle” (UK)

Healthy Supplies (UK)

Seeds of Health (UK)
Links to grass-fed meat and raw dairy producers

Athleat (UK)


Grass-fed meats (including some out-of-the-ordinary)

Grass-Feed Beef Now (UK)

Green Pasture Farms (UK)
Grass-fed/free-range meats

Whitfield Farm Organics (UK)
Grass-fed/organic meats; online

Grass-Fed Meats (UK)
List and links

Breadlink – The Home of Organic Sprouted Flours (UK)

Raw dairy (Global)

barbs 11 years ago

please let me know where to buy this or a brand name, most of these postings seem to be from USA.

Moira 11 years ago

Where do I buy this stuff in UK?

vstone 11 years ago

ok 1st timer here!! hi to all!! like you didnt know what swg was do now but when you are in the stores looking for it will it say the swg on the loafs or in the ingredients. I really need to work on this and see if i can really do this. Love to cook and doc told me the way i cook in about 5yrs or sooner i will become a diabetic so me living in south alabama the way we cook i sure hope comes together for me. thanks

beenthere 11 years ago

Trim Down Club has done a good job putting an asterisk beside the initials SWG, and then you scroll down to where they tell you SWG stands for Sprouted Whole Grains. Here in Sarasota we just had a Trader Joes grocery story open up on Tamiami Trail (this was the original road from Tampa to Miami before the new I-75 was built).
They are more expensive than Publix, but carry a wide range of SWG products. At age 76 I am willing to pay a few pennies more for nutritous healthy food.

Ossie-Sharon 11 years ago

Health-oriented chains like Whole Foods and Trader Joes (and if you’re in California, New Leaf Market) tend to have good selections of SWG products. The breads are even on a regular shelf.

Annie 11 years ago

I found some SWG bread at the Atlantic Superstore. It was in the health food section with the frozen products. I also noticed a glueton free pizza crust that I may try.

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