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Gullandemporium1 10 years ago

i admit to being a lazy person, it’s so easy isn’t it, just being alive in a frantic world and all that takes to survive the stress..a real effort! I have gradually gained a lot of weight and need to slim down for health reasons. I think just getting the ball rolling is a good start, I have made this “the first day for change day”and am hoping from the commitment of having written down what I want to change, it is a sort of new shopping list..we have to start somewhere, so let’s just all be the change. I find it easier to focus on the dark negative side, but we have options I feel to make the commitment. Got a reasonable amount of motivation but have felt like I was fat island until today with joining this forum and making the commitment..good luck folks, have a happy Monday x

porkyrees 11 years ago

How are you my name is Norm I live in Aus I am 62 just started today we should keep in touch and encourage each other with exercise recipes etc.I have high cholesterol and Blood pressure on meds for both would like to eventually lower dosage or throw them away although stroke is prevalent in my family so I am the only member of my family still alive.Good Luck

ldpetti 11 years ago

I just started today and hope that I am motivated by the program and all that are trying also. I love tennis but have bad knees so must be extremely careful when playing tennis or racket ball. Both burn a lot of calories. I do plan to start back to the gym and lift free weights as this will help burn fat. I will be 60 this year and have a sedentary job so need to keep busy when not at work too. Going to the gym for one hour or so a day won’t shed the pounds anymore because my metabolism has slowed way down. On nice days I can walk when I get home in the evenings and plan to do just that. Any ideas and encouragement would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

TrimMe 11 years ago

I just started the Trim Down Club and really have to kick myself to get an exercise/fitness routine in place. So much time goes by just sitting in front of the computer or TV. It’s snowing outside right now so that’s already a great excuse for not going for a walk. I’ve got to buy some exercise tools to use in the house for this winter.

rsjames 11 years ago

Today I am determined to restart my exercise program. Have been lazy long enough… I realized today that it has really been almost 12 months since I was regularly active and I think I realized why I have been so lazy. For the first time in 12 years, I had no fitness goal whatsoever. No race or event to train for. So I am going to make it a priority this week to start moving again and to go online and find something (anything!) that I can sign up for that will give me a reason to get moving again….

Ossie-Sharon 11 years ago

I think the best way is to find an exercise that is comfortable for you, then build up the time and variety gradually. Even combine it with something fun and distracting that you might want to do anyway. For example, walk at least 5 minutes while listening to music or a book-on-tape, then add minutes as you get comfortable. Other options include doing something in front of the TV (our guide on exercise offers some) – again, first 1/4 of a sitcom, then 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, etc., then 2 sitcoms, etc. Keep trying new exercises to avoid boredom and plateaus. Try not to obsess about weighing yourself, becomes muscle is heavier and the best physical improvements are acheived gradually. And if all else fails, try to find an exercise buddy or family member that will do these with you and that there is something at stake for them, too (a friend may also want to lose weight, or you may wish to teach your children about the importance of exercise).

Patrick 11 years ago

Any ideas on how to “get my groove back”? I stopped exercising and hiking after the fall that hurt my ankle – this forced me to rest. The injury is gone for some time now, but this “lazy” lifestyle stuck its clutches into me… Now I don’t know how to start being active again.
I guess I could go hiking, but since I gained weight, I tire easily and just don’t feel like doing anything…

Julie 12 years ago

Hello, my name is Julie and I just started this program TODAY…I look forward to being a part of this and simply staying on track with being healthy. I am a mother of five girls and a teacher, so I do a lot of running around. Walking early in the morning or (as light allows) later in the cool of the evening with a friend. It does make for good fellowship and is easy on the joints. You do want to make sure that it is a “vigorous” walk – and, yes, sweating is good. I lost 14 pounds in three weeks just from walking and cutting back on my evening consumption of food. Swimming is AMAZING and because you’re in the water – you do not notice you are sweating! Extra fluid intake is most vital as you can become dehydrated without realizing it… 🙂

Elena 12 years ago

I usually break my lazy streak with the help of “toys” such as a skipping rope (yes, I actually have one!) and such. Now I’m determined to find a hula hoop somewhere to buy because it’s a fantastic, contagious little toy that always helps me to trim my waist. 🙂

Joanne 12 years ago

I realized that a good stretching in the morning helps me feel energized and it makes me take on my daily tasks with vigor. It definitely helps un-lazy my day!
(I started doing these light morning exercises because I sometimes wake up with a pain in my shoulders.)

Ossie-Sharon 12 years ago

And of course, when sweating remember to replace fluid AND “salts” – especially potassium, phosphorus, a little sodium chloride, and even calcium and magnesium. Most of these you can find in “sports drinks” – good during the work out (and of course good sources for between workouts are fruits, vegetables, and dairy products). Fluid needs during sweaty workouts average about 8-10 fl oz every 15 minutes.

Leonard 12 years ago

You should try and take a more positive understanding of sweat. Yeah, it’s unpleasant, but at least it is a healthy sign that your body is burning calories and even getting rid of some toxins.
So, instead of sweat=yuck, try thinking sweat=results… I hope that will help a little bit. =)

Joanne 12 years ago

I also dislike sweat, but then it’s ideal if you can exercise close to your home and just jump under the shower shortly afterwards. It works for me. 🙂

On sunny days, I go for a walk in the park. Whenever possible, I call a friend to join me and bring a ball, so we play our little “volleyball practice”. I love this – fresh air and good company are relaxing, and the exercise does wonders for my arms.

Christa 12 years ago

thanks for all the great suggestions. I don’t like to sweat and that is a big part of my issue with different exercises. I did use to swim when I was a little girl I think I will try doing that again. Its been a while for me.

Steven 12 years ago

I pick up a pair of roller blades and found out I really like it. At first it was intimidating but after a few times I ended up being very good and now I like to roller blade a lot. I usually go around the lakes and parks where I live or through my neighborhood.

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