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Support 8 years ago

Welcome Beverly,

1. In order to make changes to specific foods in your menu plan, simply click on “Apps”, followed by “My Menus”. Then, select the menu you would like to edit by clicking on “View”.

2. Once your menu appears, click on the food you would like to replace, and a list will appear with alternative choices that you can choose from.

3. Additionally, to change an entire meal you can click on the white rotating arrows to the right of the meal.

4. If you would like to create a completely new menu, click on the “Apple” logo entitled “My Food Choices” to return to create a new menu by deselecting and selecting foods that you want. If you choose this method don’t forget to click the “Save and Create Menu” button afterwards.

5. If there is a food that you can’t find in the menu, why not make a suggestion by clicking on this link to suggest foods to add to the Menu Planner:

Hope this helps.

To your success 🙂

BeverlySuarez 8 years ago

Help HELP I’m TOTALLY confused have been trying for two days to modify my menu I do not want pizza whatever for breakfast this is not user friendly

rubyormerod 8 years ago

Many thanks bsimoes. Since I’m not starting this until after our mini break this weekend, I’ve had a chance to do a second menu based purely on foods I normally buy. That’s been super helpful, along with your tip to study the points the menu wants me to fulfil, as I can get my head round how it works. I think having a general overview of the menu’s objectives will help me to adjust ‘on the fly’.

Ossie-Sharon 8 years ago

Thanks, bsimoes! How are you doing, Ruby?

bsimoes 8 years ago

All good questions; I’ve only been doing this for two weeks, and the time invested is real. I believe that you can “borrow” from the next meal, so in other words, if you have a fat included in a meal you haven’t fulfilled yet, you can choose to use it to cook with, and then just subtract it from the meal where it was.

I think this answers #2 as well. It isn’t like other diets, where you feel like you’ve failed and therefore must end the diet. Sometimes life gets in the way, and as a matter of fact, I think it is encouraged that you splurge once in a while, so that you don’t feel deprived.

#3–just take away a little protein from whatever meal from which you’re having milk in your coffee. Personally, this is how I use my fat allotment for breakfast–I use light cream, and the coffee is delicious and rich tasting.

I’ve broken down the pre-made menus into their categories. So, if it says to have baked beans, I know that the beans count as .5 protein and .5 carb. I did that for a day’s menu and then checked it against a few other days to see that I had done it right. I wrote it in a notebook, and it is this that I build my meals from. I find it to be so much easier, because the switch-outs were not what I wanted. I hope this has helped.

rubyormerod 8 years ago

Hi, This is my first day and I spent three hours — yes, three!– doing a week’s menu. I don’t understand a few things and can’t see a place to get the answers:

1. Am I only allowed to cook with cooking mist/spray, since there doesn’t seem to be an easy way of adding, for instance, a teaspoon of olive oil for actually cooking with to any dinner menus? You provide a handy little explanation about fish oils, but how can we add them to our meal other than by eating fish or having mayonnaise?

2. How do we adjust our day’s menu when we eat out and the host has added something that we are not in a position to carefully pick out?

3. Is there a daily low-fat milk allowance for coffees and teas?

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