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Ossie-Sharon 6 years ago

Thanks, Rachel!

rachel0207 6 years ago

Found this message in my mailbox. I want to make sure woosh52 will get it.

Ossie-Sharon wrote:
Hi, woosh52. You can select a similar food and then make the swap when it comes time to prepare the meal. If you would like some help with that, you are welcome to post the recipes of interest here, and I would be happy to help.
Post Link:

rachel0207 6 years ago

Where would I go in this program to get a list of curbs and proteins required for each meal?

Ossie-Sharon 6 years ago

Hi, judy4horses. I posted a response for you in the other thread.

Ossie-Sharon 6 years ago

Hi, robertdebra. I suggest you use the full Menu Planner application (in “Apps” above) so that you can select the foods that work for you and avoid the ones that don’t (including those recipes). The app comes with a tutorial.

judy4horses 6 years ago

mmm??? we have not had help from the Trim Down Club on this subject…I thought we got support?

judy4horses 6 years ago

I am the same on my first day trying to build a menu. I cannot do this because I can’t get enough carbs and proteins for breakfast.
I posted myself on this (sorry twice)…
So far I am not seeing this as a lifestyle friendly option and why say processed foods/ breads
and refined carbs are bad for you and then list them as breakfast options????
Not only the breads but the REFINED and packaged cereals offered have been highlighted in the UK as containing too much sat and sugar????
Quite confused and frustrated ?

robertdebra2 6 years ago

Today is my first day and I am feeling overwhelmed in creating the menu for the week. It calls to select 6 carbs for each meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner…that is so much) and 8 proteins for each meal and on and on before the blue bar fills. It is so complicated! I also tried choosing the already prepared menu but I need quick in and easy. I don’t have time to make a pizza or quich. When I tried to select other than a pizza the only choice was quich. I want to be able to select breakfast items for each day such as egg, fruit, almond butter, tea. Lunch a salad with chicken, olive oil, sunflower seeds. Why can’t I just choose Monday and select a few items NOT 6 carbs, then 8 proteins and 5 fats etc. for each meal? Am I doing something wrong? I watched the video on how to create a menu. It is so confusing and time consuming. It needs to be a fairly quick process. I am a very busy person.

MicheleConsiglio 6 years ago

I have the same questions. I want the combination to be fast and easy. Today is my first day so it feels overwhelming.

Imsue408 6 years ago

Button wiled. Make sure you print out the menus designed for you. You generated a list of foods you like and whether you have restrictions and a weekly menu is generated for you. If you don’t like or have something, bring up the substitute list by clicking on that food.

Buttonwilde 6 years ago

Hi I am struggling to get my head round the carbs/protein I keep reading things about what food group is which and what you should combine and then I get all confused. Is there a simpler way for me to remember? I have such a busy work load and I would find it beneficial if I could grab a snack and go without worrying I’m not combining ;(. for example I would grab a piece of fruit and some hazel nuts or a tsp of peanut butter but worry as I think i’m not eating the combined food!

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