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Ossie-Sharon 11 years ago

Go into “Recipes” above and type “shakes” into the search box – it will pull up all the shake recipes on the site.

Doryssb 11 years ago

Me again…Lindaortiz68 ~ I forgot to ask in that last post, what shakes are you referring to?

Doryssb 11 years ago

Thanks Anna and look at you…10#’s ~ WOW is right. I read on another thread that you made your 30 minutes today, boy I bet that feels good.
Great job Tanna, the first fantastic four out of the way!
Patjbain 8#’s, these numbers are just flooring me!
Nailart, I hope you are feeling better from whatever the antibiotics were for and congrats on your weight loss too 🙂

If it keeps up like this we may all eventually get over our fear/hate relationship with the scale 😉

Welcome to our other fellow newbies, as we’re all pretty new here.
Be encouraged,

annaleeramos 11 years ago

hello and welcome, oliverolli, and letsgetorganized. I am so happy to hear that yall have joined. My Name is Anna and I just joined 6 days ago. So far I am doing well on this diet. I have only lost 10 pounds but I have noticed other changes as well such as more energy and better mobility. I guess all I can say is good luck and don’t give up. As for all the foods on the menu, your not the only ones that think this way. How ever, we didn’t get all the wrong foods into the house over night, so it is only natural to start replacing them a little at a time. Before you know it you will be well on your way. So the next time you run out of bread, chips, or other type of food that needs to be replaced, by the good stuff your body needs and before you know it, you are well on your way. Journeys are always better when they are well planed. Like I said, don’t give up. And don’t see this as just another diet. It is a new way of life. It a way of life to take better care of you and the ones you love.

letsgetorganized 11 years ago

Hi everyone, I am just starting and was wondering is there just a simple list of foods that work and foods that don’t? I am not fining this and it would help me a lot. The menu thing is not practical for me at this time

oliverolle 11 years ago

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing, I just registered today and your experience is quite encouraging.

annaleeramos 11 years ago

That’s so good to hear Tanna. Great job. Keep up the good work.

Tanna 11 years ago

I jumped on the scale too and I was surprised to see that I’m down almost 4lbs, didn’t think I was doing it right but you cut out all the bad stuff and replace it with good and it works, thanks so much.

annaleeramos 11 years ago

Way to go Doryssb, That is great. Congratulations and keep up the great work. I just came back from my bike ride. This is the first time working out since I began with the club. My goal was to ride for 30 minutes but I only did 25. Started getting a head ache. I will try again later this week.

Doryssb 11 years ago

Ok, so after hearing everyone with all these great results I thought what the heck, I’ll lay the fear aside and step on the scale. Of course in the back of my mind I’m telling myself it’s only day 4 so don’t get depressed if it hasn’t moved…I’m down 4.5 pounds!!!!! YAY, and thank you all for your encouragement 🙂

annaleeramos 11 years ago

Nailart, welcome to the scale OCD club. LOL

annaleeramos 11 years ago

No counting calories. Just start you meal plan by chooseing all the type of food you like from the list they give you. Once you do that, just fallow the meal plans they give you. Welcome to the trim down club. And when you are ready, start to exercise at least three time a week.

tinamarie 11 years ago

Good morning. i am new to this site. what are you guys doing? just counting calories? I need lots of support. Any help or suggestions would be appriciated

nailart 11 years ago

Okay – so I was trying not to weigh myself until day 7, but I got on the scales this morning (start of day 4) and have lost 2.5 lbs – could not believe it! I too can become OCD with the scales, so will try now to keep to a weekly weigh schedule … I am on antibiotics though, so won’t really trust the change until I am off them. Usually I stay the same weight for the first month of a diet, or even put on weight, so if this is weight loss so soon I am simply flabergasted! Good luck all.

lindaortiz68 11 years ago

Was busy today couldn’t get on to update but I have lost 9 pounds in 5 days not even a week yet and feel really good. The food is good the shakes are great. look forward to my weight in two weeks. Was at the Dr today he een metion the weight drop :}. Linda

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