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Marble 9 years ago

I have two artificial knees since yr. 2000 and a new left hip since Jan ,31,2013. I would not advise stair climbing for anyone with sore knees!!!! Just walk around the inside of your house if the weather is bad or walk in place on a soft carpet. It helps if you play music that is appropriate to march to! Good luck, Marilyn

suembate 9 years ago

Hi Everyone I have been on the programme for 2 weeks and have lost 4.4lbs exactly where I wanted to – around my middle!! The bonus is that I no longer suffer from a bloated windy uncomfortable tummy after eating. This is definately a healthy way to go.

Norunyan 9 years ago

Hi I am checking in to report on the green tea,honey and cinnamon I have been drinking every morning for almost a month.Well everyone it is helping my pain.I have not had to take pain med. as much.Only 2 times. My weight is going between 170 and 176. Earlier it was between 174 and 180.My scale will not be still Ha! Wish luck and learning to keep it up to all of us. Nancy

Littlelady 9 years ago

Hello! My husband bought it for me from an outdoor store. My dad also found lots of information about it online and apparently it is an Australian product but available in many countries! I don’t know where you live but I live in the US and now I have one I have seen them for sale in other places. The week before last Target had the blue colored one on sale (don’t know why it was only the blue one but anyway!) the fitbit itself is small, about the size of a digital watch face and it comes with a rubberized clip that you can attach to your bra. It has superior technology to track your steps and is, therefore, more accurate in my opinion than other pedometers I have had in the past. It was nice to not have to calculate my stride length as I have had to do in the past. Healthy eating with TrimDown plus the fitbit has really worked for me I hope it will help you as well! Happy searching! Hope this helped.

susanjanep 9 years ago

where do I find out info on this machine

Littlelady 9 years ago

I have been doing infinitely better since I purchased a fitbit pedometer. It tells me how mant calories I burn even when I am asleep! It is nice to wake up and find out I have already burnt over 400 calories! Anyway, I digress….the fitbit has made me be so much more active! Because of this my weight loss is so much greater! This week I have been trying really hard to do the 10,000 steps (more if I can) and this week I lost 6 1/2 pounds! When the weather outside is not so nice I put on some good tempo music and jog on the spot! It is so motivating to see the steps add up so quickly and the calories burnt skyrocket…’s great! Hope this helps!

Kjean 9 years ago

Hi guys! Since I’ve posted this, I’ve been to NYC and you have no choice but to walk so that helped. Today (after getting 14 inches of snow the past 2 days) is gorgeous out and I am actually feeling motivated to get out there. Then my mom said, “watch out- there’s no side walks, the snow is piled high from the plows and the cars will not see you.” Enough to keep me on the couch!!! Any ideas, I actually have energy today!!

hikerdee 9 years ago

pasjj5, the tea can count toward the amount of liquid just be sure not to sweeten it unless the sweetener gets counted in your menu planner.
MillisaD97, Yes, the 10 glasses of water seems like a lot, and it may be for you. Some personal trainers, not associated with this program, recommend this formula for sufficient water for an individual. Take your weight in pounds (mine is 198)and divide by 2 (99)and that is how many ounces of water I need, or 12 glasses plus 3 ounces. I keep a gallon jug with a Sharpie mark at the level of 12 glasses and 10 glasses, and I fill it with water every morning and use those extra three ounces for my first drink of the day. The water in my jug better be gone before too close to bedtime!

nanajen64 9 years ago

Hi everyone new by here. I know how hard it is to get motivated. I hve had one knee replaced and surgery on the other and arthritis in both hips and hands. My husband is helping me with motivation he is walking with me. I really need to do this diet. I have found on days can’t walk to just walk in place just keep moving. Also cinnamon and turmeric helps with inflammation witch is the cause for most pain. They can be bought in capsule form ans taken that way. Cinnamon also helps with energy. Thanks. God Bless

hecmad 9 years ago

Hello everyone, I am one week in, getting to learn how to navigate, trying some recipes, I am gratefull to bi in this with you all.

Sincerely Hector

pasjj5 9 years ago

Well, at least that is what it reads at the bottom of the last page of my menus every week that I print out (10 glasses.) I decided to try a little neat trick to help me remember how many I have had instead of trying to remember to write it down. I have these two little cups. The one on the left has 10 dry beans in it. The cup on the right is for me to place one of the beans in to it for every cup I drink. I have one of those BPF-Free plastic cups with a straw in it and it holds a little more than 2 cups, that I use. Drinking from the straw is a lot quicker than right from a glass. It seems to disappear much quicker. Plus, I can carry it along with me where ever I go (room to room or in the car,etc.and no problem of spilling. KD

MillisaD97 9 years ago

I thought you are only suppose to drink 8 glasses of water a day. So you are suppose to drink 10!!! WOW!!!

pasjj5 9 years ago

hikerdee, You may have a point there about the day prior to a little gain not having drank the 10 glasses of water. I have not been keeping good enough track of my amount of water. I know that I drink at least 4 glasses of water only but I also drink several cups of tea during the day. I’m going to have to start keeping track. Thanks.KD

Norunyan 9 years ago

Also like the name of muscle building days.I was walking most days but the rain drove me inside.I have been out shopping a few days and walked the whole Walmart back and forth.The hall of the house sounds good .Free weights are good too when I use them.

hikerdee 9 years ago

pasjj, I like the idea of calling those days, MUSCLE BUILDING DAYS. Those days of mine often follow a day when I did not drink the recommended 10 glasses of water so there may be some water retention occurring too.
As for motivation, please be careful of excuses and justifications for they let the wind out of motivation faster than anything does. Do those 10 minutes just up and down the the hallway of your home with the kitchen timer and celebrate that success. Success builds success and motivation!

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