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Meagan Lee 10 years ago

I agree with Ossie, you don’t want to over load your body with too much all at once. Start with walking 2-4 times a week and after 3-4 weeks add in something different like walking up hill or down hill, adding distance or speed, or even adding some exercises to the beginning and end of your walk like squats or wall push ups. Take your time and keep up the great work! We are glad you are here!!

Ossie-Sharon 10 years ago

Hi, pad41260. It sounds like you have the perfect plan. Ease into it! Start walking! Excellent.
If you hit a snag or plateau, please repost, and we’ll do our best to advise a plan B.

pad41260 10 years ago

i have been out of it for several months (10) and have gained all my weight back:( lots of stress, quit the gym, busy with my special needs grandson almost every evening. So, today I downloaded this programs and ready to get started I am 53/215 lbs. 5’3″. So, I think I needs to start off slow, so today I guess I will start walking. If you have any suggestions, I would very much like that, or a schedule to easy back into things. thanks for all your help

Meagan Lee 10 years ago

Hello everyone!
Some of you may know me from answering your fitness and exercise questions here on the community fitness forum. Some of you I have yet to be acquainted with and I am looking forward to helping you with your health and fitness journey!

I have been a personal trainer and kinesiologist for going on 8 years and would love to answer any questions you may have about exercise or alternative exercises. I realize that there is a lot of information out there about working out believe me, not everything on the internet is true!

How many of you have never lifted weights before?? And if not, why not?

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)

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