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Ossie-Sharon 3 years ago

Hi, Uptown23. You can find the list of free foods here:

Ossie-Sharon 3 years ago

Hi, Uptown23. You can find the list of free foods here:

Uptown23 3 years ago

Free foods

Ossie-Sharon 5 years ago

Hi, LoisannBrady. You can see the list of foods in the Menu Planner by clicking on the “My Food Choices” icon (an apple) in the toolbar above your menu. The foods listed in the lighter blue shades are the healthiest.

LoisannBrady 5 years ago

Can I have a list of foods

Ossie-Sharon 6 years ago

Hi, Stankiewicz. It only matters with regard to the amount of total caffeine you drink in a day – which is related to general health rather than weight.

Stankiewicz 6 years ago

Thanks Support – but on the coffee, does it matter if it’s REG or DECAFE?

Ossie-Sharon 8 years ago

Hi, Spitzlover. Not any fruits that you think of as fruits (cucumbers are technically a fruit, but that’s probably not what you had in mind). The reason is that fruits have quite a bit of sugar in them, and so do need to be counted in your menu. The fruits with the lowest amount of sugar are fresh raspberries and strawberries, but not low enough that they would be “free”.

Spitzlover 8 years ago

Are there any ‘free’ fruits please? Spitzlover

Crackerjac 8 years ago

Thank you 🙂

Support 8 years ago

Hi bears11,

You can find them in the links below and add them to your weekly plan.

Best 🙂

bears11 8 years ago

were do I get free food

Support 8 years ago

Free foods are free! you can use as much of them as you wish.
Click here: for a list of fresh vegetables that are loaded with nutrients and can be eaten as much as you like.
Spices and herbs can add wonderful flavors to your meal. Feel free to add them as you like.
Non-fattening drinks – Free, recommended beverages: drink as much as you want of these non-fattening drinks.
Here are “free spreads”: that you can put on your bread.

Crackerjac 8 years ago

sorry its me again….I have read comments about free foods and what can be eaten…can someone tell me where I can find it on the site…thank you

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