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Ossie-Sharon 11 years ago

Reports of challenges with the menu-building program are being forwarded, and glitches will be fixed. Hang in there! In the meantime, you can swap out foods based on the food group.

mary 11 years ago

In what way do I snack on 2Tablespoons of cocoa powder?

Ossie-Sharon 11 years ago

Regarding the odd menu patterns, your comments have been directed to the web team, and will be corrected. Thanks very much for the input.

LisaRish 11 years ago

Sometimes I eat sardines for breakfast… or brunch, haha! ^^

I wanted to say that my favourite “breakfast on the go” includes smoothies of all kinds… Usually I buy them near my workplace when I’m running late in the mornings.

Cyndy LooHoo 11 years ago

the menus do not make sense to me….cereal with no fluid…grains by themselves….sardines…what am I missing here,,

Julie 11 years ago

Elevated tryglicerides can be caused by too much consumption of fruits or simple carbohydrates. You should be fine with eating an omega-3 egg in the morning. 🙂 Oatmeal can help with the triglyceride levels, as well…it also keeps you “regular” and holds you over until your morning snack.

loriN 11 years ago

do you have a certain number of times a week you can safely eat eggs? I just found out I have elevated triglycerides and was wondering what is ok

Joanne 11 years ago

Oh, that’s good to know. For some reason, I thought carbs and sugar are essential for breakfast, so I never thought to include proteins on regular basis.
That can be solved easily – I am very fond of cottage cheese and always have some in the fridge, so it will be easy to grab a few spoons while I’m packing for work. 🙂

Ossie-Sharon 11 years ago

Natural juices are great, especially if they have a little pulp. It is recommended to also have a source of protein in the morning – even just a slice of cheese or omega-3 egg will do.

Joanne 11 years ago

Recently I’ve been drinking some natural juices for breakfast. I hope that is okay, since they provide some sugar and energy. Usually my breakfast is just to keep me going until I eat my 11 AM snack. 🙂

Ossie-Sharon 11 years ago

Even if you’re not disproportionately hungry later in the day, skipping breakfast can wreak some havoc with your metabolism – slowing it down. If you’re active on an empty stomach, your body goes into starvation made and starts clinging to every calorie, making it more prone to weight gain with normal eating.
If you really have no appetite or time, it is recommended to have at least a source of protein and a beverage. Milkshakes as mentioned above are a great example, as is yogurt with dried fruit and nuts or a hard-boiled omega-3 egg with fresh-squeezed fruit/vegetable juice – all can be prepared the night before and swallowed quickly in the AM.

Clay 11 years ago

Hey Stevie. I believe it’s important to have breakfast. If it’s a healthy one, it will fuel you for the day. If you’re getting up at 7 AM and you’re not eating until noon, that’s 5 hours of running on empty.

Jessica 11 years ago

Breakfast is important to me and for my family. I try to mix up the dry ingredients to pancake and waffle mix ahead of time so we can have them during the week quickly. I also like to serve fresh fruit and homemade granola with yogurt which is always a welcome dish. Sometimes I make ahead some muffins or buy a nice variety of whole grain breads to toast and eat with apple butter or jam.

Stevie 11 years ago

I have a question. Sometimes I do even less than have a breakfast on the go – sometimes I skip it completely. I haven’t noticed that it affects my daily diet in a bad way. I mean, I don’t get mad food cravings for lunch or anything of the sort. So, is it really bad if I skip breakfast? (I usually get up at 7 and have lunch at noon.)

Christa 11 years ago

I’m still working on having a healthy breakfast. I need to learn some better chooses really. I always want some meat with it but I have just got a few of the recipes from the community here and I’m hoping to add them to my morning routine. Wish me luck

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