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Ossie-Sharon 5 years ago

Hi, SolidJoys. There are full-fat options for all dairy products, specifically for the reason you mentioned. The following are examples from the Menu Planner food lists:
Buttermilk, Full-Fat
Cheese Brick, Full-Fat
Cheese Cow milk, Hard
Cheese Cow milk, Soft
Cheese Goat milk, Hard
Cheese Goat milk, Semi-soft
Cheese Goat milk, Soft
Cheese Mascarpone
Cheese Mozzarella, Buffalo milk
Cheese Organic Pastured / Grass-Fed
Cheese Rind (i.e. Brie, Camembert)
Cheese String or Block, Full-Fat
Cream Cheese
Kefir, Full-Fat
Milk, Buffalo, Full-Fat
Milk, Cow, Organic, Whole
Milk, Cow, Regular, Whole
Milk, Evaporated, Organic, Whole
Milk, Goat, Full-Fat
Milk, Sheep, Full-Fat
Yogurt Greek, Full-Fat
Yogurt, made from Goat milk
Yogurt, made from Sheep milk
Yogurt, Plain

SolidJoys 5 years ago

I thought skim and lowfat milk, yogurt etc. have been proven to be poor choices for weight loss. Why is there no option for whole milk, yogurt, cream cheese, and cream?

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