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 Ossie-Sharon 5 years ago

Hi, evafyrst, and welcome!
1) Your bread sounds excellent. You can sprout some of the grains yourself to maximize the benefit.
To sprout spelt: keep the grains submerged for ten hours, then drain and let them rest; repeat 2-3 times, then grind in the meat grinder (the grain is often very wet; if that’s the case, hold back half of the water when mixing).
2) Yes, the intention is for you to eat all the food. It is supposed to be like a small meal. If you find it really does not work for you, please repost, and we can brainstorm.

 evafyrst 5 years ago

I am about to start this way of eating and have a couple of questions.
1) I make my own bread with WG Rye and WG Spelt, half of each, a little salt and olive oil, water, flax seeds and yeast. Would this be OK instead of the SWG breads?
2) Do we have to eat all items on the snack list? Seems like a lot of food!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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