Wraakian 10 years ago

I recently saw a video on utube by a doctor stating that we are all being poisoned by wheat which is no longer in it’s original form ie: GM etc; He spoke about IBS and bloated stomachs which does my wife suffers from and this made me think he could be correct. He favours moving away from wheat products (and wheat is in many products you would not associate with it! So read the food labels) and moving towards oat products. Wheat based read is an obvious no no but we are always told to eat whole wheat bread as a healthier choice – now I am going to try other breads as given in the Trim Down Club. The doctor also stated that soy is no good for you as it is too refined when you buy it on the shelf and because I have an allergy to whole fat milk I changed over to Soya milk several years ago though I have water on my cereals these days. I’d like to know where I can be assured of and purchase unrefined soya? The there is corn which is another product this Doctor stated was now a GM product and as with the others mentioned a definite no go area along with food stuff made from it such as the cornflakes breakfast. He says all of these products are also causing more cancers. As a diabetic I am already constricted in my diet so it doesn’t leave much to go at when other things you thought were healthy turn out not to be so. I usually have Muesli for breakfast but on looking at the ingredients they contain wheat so I will now change to whole grain porridge oats and add sultannas, unripe bananas and other such fruit but this can get boring day after day …. any suggestions?

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