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Ossie-Sharon 9 years ago

Hi, pioneerwoman. At this early stage, don’t go by the scale but rather by how you look and feel and how your clothes are fitting. Since you are working out, you are probably swapping fat for muscle, which is much heavier.

pioneerwoman 9 years ago

I just started Monday and for the most part I’m doing ok,I think. I do have to drink more water. I haven’t lossed any weight I think I have gained. But I won’t let that discourage me. I know aerobic exercise is the key!! Walking is great but you have to get the heart pumping!! In this plan the only thing I have a problem with is eating carbs. With protein. I understand carbs are good but combining them with certain foods such as protein just slows things down. What do you think?

Thomas25 9 years ago

I have meaning doing it from Monday but don’t understand it help please x

janetthorpe2000 9 years ago

Thanks Kathy, good luck to you too. We’ll keep going, keep eating healthy, as you say maybe because we already eat healthy and are active it may be a slow start. Thanks to Anderson31262 too for your advice, I do try to drink water but I will have to try to drink more.

anderson31262 9 years ago

For me, drinking water seems to be the key. I try to always keep a bottled water around. I try to exercise but am inconsistent, so I rely on water consumption a lot.

Kathy212 9 years ago

Hi Janetthorp2000, I too find it difficult to understand why I don`t lose weight like some people do, the only thing I can think is that they must have had a very unhealthy life style before starting this program. I have been on a diet of one kind or another for most of my life, maybe that is the problem as the article from Support mentions. I can remember when my son was little and all I did was run after him, we visited a lady who actually said `I can`t understand why you are not slimmer with all the running around you do`, I think that says it all really. But we must not give up and give this a little longer and maybe we will see some results. Good luck. Kathy212

Support 9 years ago

Hi concine65,

Don’t be hard on yourself. You can create your own menu by clicking on Create a Menu from the homepage. Then, on the screen that appears, click on Start Menu Planner to get started 🙂

cocine65 9 years ago

This is my first week and I can’t make head nor tail of it. (hope I don’t sound stupid). Why cant I put my own things into the menu?

janetthorpe2000 9 years ago

Thanks Support for your advice. I read the article it was interesting. I do understand Trim Club is not a diet but a healthy approach to eating to help in weight loss and health. I do eat healthy and exercise, I have a very busy job and work long hours. I must be missing something, doing something wrong. Is it because I eat too late coz I don’t get in till late then I have to start making a family meal and often it is 7:30 to 8:00pm before we eat? Or I eat late coz I’ve been at the gym. I seem to have lost my way, I’ll keep trying. Thanks

Support 9 years ago

Hi all,
Thanks for posting!
Welcome janetthorpe2000 🙂
elliebelly & Kathy212, I think we have a slight misunderstanding.
The Trim Down Club is not a diet. Yes, you will loose weight and receive many outstanding benefits. Many other fad diets show you how to drop pounds quickly, yet never deal with the root cause of gaining weight, and the weight always comes back. We believe in long-term success and that you should have the body nature intended you to have without always fearing that the weight will creep back!
No fad diets, and no counting calories, just eating right. Your body will thank you for it 😉
For more information on why we recommend to stay away from Fad Diets and their dangers, please feel free to read more here:

elliebelly 9 years ago

I just completed my first week and nothing as well. I don’t understand how eating the amount they call for will result in weight loss. My menu has me eating so many carbs, are we missing something? Are we only supposed to select a couple items in each meal?

Kathy212 9 years ago

I too am struggling to lose weight. This is my 4th week and I have only lost 1lb a bit disappointing as I had high hopes this diet would be different. I do wonder if my menu is too high in calories for me as I wouldn`t normally eat so much, especially for breakfast. Is there a way I can adjust my menu to cut down a bit. I am trying very hard to keep to the portion sizes and have started eating healthier things like `spelt` for example, which I really like. I have weined myself off of biscuits over the last year and now I don`t even buy them. I have quite a busy life and don`t sit in front of the telly eating bad things. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

castro97 9 years ago

How are your portion sizes?

janetthorpe2000 9 years ago

I have just joined, I have tried so many different things but I do eat healthy, mostly fresh foods. My husband gets mad coz I fill the fridge each week to bursting with fresh goods. I have fresh squeezed juice no concentrates, have oat products for breakfast, cottage cheese, chicken and crisp brads for lunch, fruit and healthy dinners with veg, meat and carbs. I walk to work, use the stairs, go to the gym twice a week and Pilates. Why can’t I lose weight? Had blood tests all are fine. I’m 50 now and starting with the pre menopause. Please help.

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