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Don’t eat in between meals. Don’t give up. Never.

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Hi, spesta. A combination of those is considered ideal. Start with a cardio pace or weight that is comfortable for you

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As a new user to this and coming from a place of not exercising for a long time, what is considered an ideal exercise plan? How many times per week? Cardio v. light weights or a class incorporating weight resistance. With the goal of 15 lbs to lose. What is a reasonable time expectation to achieve my goal?

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Hi, DN247. Organifi products are great.

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What do you think of the Organifi Green Juice? I just received an email about it. Do you believe it does all those tricks to your body (speed up metabolism, help with sleeping, gives you energy, lose weight, skin hair etc…)?

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Hi, DN247. You don’t need to go to the gym to work out, or even leave the house – though a 30-minute walk twice a week is a great start. You can exercise in your own home, and it doesn’t have to be large chunks of time. Simple aerobic movements, like walking in place, or resistance activities, like step-up/step-downs (or yoga) for 5-10 minutes at a time a few times a day can be a big help. I would suggest to try doing something like that each time you feel the urge to eat for comfort – perhaps activity can help manage stress, and even improve your sleep. The substitution may be awkward at first, but see if you can build up towards it. It really can make a difference in many ways.

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Hi, yes it would be great as my aim is to lose about a stone…and you might expected 🙂
Unfortunately my lifestyle is rather inactive, have no chance going to the gym (children and more than a full time job), driving everywhere, might get 2X30 minutes walk a week…I also love my food and comfort eating as indicated previously. The usual stuff you probably hear day by day.
I read about sleep deprivation makes you put on weight…well I can definitely vouch for that! I have started my new menu plan and sticking to it as much as I can.
Any advice would be much appreciated!! Thanks

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Hi, DN247. Results vary quite widely, and depend on your past history of dieting, current physical condition, and activity level other than exercise. Under ideal circumstances, perhaps 2-4 lbs per month.
Is there a specific reason you ask about forgoing exercise? If so, I would be happy to work with you toward a solution, as exercise is important not just for the number on the scale, but for general health – as well as the percentage of fat vs. lean tissue in your body.

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I’m wondering how many pounds can I lose with this menu weekly without exercise?

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