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Ossie-Sharon 8 years ago

Hi, htur. With xylitol, most people do tend to need to use more than they would sugar. You can try inulin (chicory root sweetener) – you will need to use more than you would sugar, but it has absolutely no carbs or calories (xylitol has only 2/3 that of sugar, but it adds up).

htur 8 years ago

I went out and bought xylosweet packets. I have used them several time but to me there is no taste. I put one pack in my green tea nd nothing – did not taste sweet at all to me. Is there one sugar substitute that is better?

Deborahjjhayes 8 years ago

I went to the health food store yesterday and they had all kinds of zylitol drops in all different flavors. I was so excited. They even had chocolate thatI’m going to ut inmy ninja with frozen bananas. It makes a soft serve banana ice cream. So good.

AnnaH 8 years ago

I’m doing the same as you Debbie, swapping out some of my tea with either sparkling or still mineral water with a slice of lime in it. I found one slice last me 3 glasses full, I give it a squeeze when it floats to the top when I add more water. It is not strongly tasting like this but I like it. I don’t bother with the stevia or any sweetening though, I find the lime isn’t sour. Might be different with lemons though or if you put more of the juice in.

Deborahjjhayes 8 years ago

I asked Ossie about this also… She just suggested lemon and lime and orange with a drop or two of Stevia. I am so hooked on tea !!! I was drinking real coke. That’s how I gained weight. I gave them up and didn’t lose a pound!! I’mgoing to drink every other glass of tea with lemon water and stevia. That’s what I do when I eat out. ttyl

lisa0668 9 years ago

The lime sounds like a good option!
Seems like those liquid flavorings would have the same chemicals as the powders.
Thanks for the suggestions – I’m open to any ideas!!

AnnaH 9 years ago

Yesterday I had to use lime juice in a recipe. After squeezing as much as I needed for the recipe there was still loads left in the half lime, so I popped it in a glass and added mineral water. It was still flavouring the water well after 3 big glassfuls.

Funnygirl1 9 years ago

My Doctor told me to get the liquid flavorings that come in a small container. You can get them anywhere. I got mine at WalMart. It is a small tear dropped shape bottle with various concentrated flavorings inside. It is not expensive and it tastes great. I do not like to drink water alone either. Buying all the flavored waters gets expensive. Why do that why you can do what they are doing and add flavors yourself. You can also use cucumber and mint to flavor. That is refreshing. Just one small squirt of the flavorings above and you are good to go….My Dr. also told me to stay away from fruit juices due to the sugars they contain. Read labels. I love grape juice…Bye Bye. I do drink grapefuit juice as it fills me up. Some cannot do that due to meds. Hope that adds to your thinking. pt

lisa0668 9 years ago

I need to drink lots of water daily (at least 100 oz). I find that difficult to do without some flavor. I’ve been drinking lots of Crystal Light – but I know the artificial sweeteners aren’t good for me. I also sometimes drink 8 oz cranberry juice diluted with 18-24 oz of weather. What options are out there for flavored water that will work better for me?

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