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rsfritch 8 years ago

is there ANY sweetener we can use for coffee or tea??….

Ossie-Sharon 8 years ago

Hi to all of you. Milk and plain yogurt are basically interchangeable, so no worries there. Coffee and tea by themselves are “free,” and so you don’t need to worry about how they fit into your plan. Half-and-half is absolutely fine if it is all natural. We aren’t so fond of most non-dairy coffee creamers because they are full of chemicals – better alternatives would be non-dairy “milks,” which are often naturally flavored (e.g., hazelnut, almond). Milks are indeed counted in the menu because they contain carbohydrates, which influence your metabolism in a way that affects weight management.
Regarding the rating system for foods and recipes, the scale is 1-5, with 5 being the best.
For the Brits, you can use this as a starter shopping guide –

krrgolf 8 years ago

Hi all, we found it was better to go through your food choice keeping it as simple as possible. Check the health score keep it over 80%. Then create menu and do the exchanges. Only our first week but we created the grocery list using the tab and shopped to that. So far we have found better use of food we bought. Before we wasted so much but early indications are that we are making better use of our food.

We tend to repeat meals on consecutive days so as to use up the various foods eg yoghurt and it helps having us both on the same plan.

No idea about tea or coffee but I am trying to drink water with lemon juice to taste to help flush rather than tea or coffee. Still have a couple of cups of tea or coffee a day. No idea whether it is allowed or not but have cut down so I think it must be doing some good.

Early days but mentally feels ok so far. The scales on Sunday will be the test. Cutting out wine must help too!! Roll on Sunday’s treat – my plan says I can have a whole 120ml of wine! Can’t wait!

Good luck all!

Ninasteel 8 years ago

My name is Nina and i’m from the UK i have joined today, not sure how to get started really, ive printed my first week of menus off i supposei just follow that ?? might have to do a food shop though to incorporate these foods xxx

naturesheat 8 years ago

Hi, just joined today, and I’ve been going through the menus, which it all still very new.. I drink coffee and I’m curious about half & half or powdered creamer.. what is it that I’m able to use.. didn’t see where I can place it on my planner

krrgolf 8 years ago

Hi Jo,

Keith here (krrgolf). I am UK too, live in Surrey. We are heading off in November for a ‘big holiday’ and need to lose a few pounds but hate dieting. We only started this programme yesterday (Monday) and so far we seem to be eating for England and spending hours in the kitchen weighing cups of this and cups of that – that goodness for the internet! Cups to grams, cups to mls – shame I have forgotten all I learnt at school – whatever happened to feet and inches, ounces and pounds!

Like you we are trying to translate some of the foods and keeping things simple at the moment. The recipes look good and we did sign up for a couple of extra add ons – other recipes and stuff. I did think I would feel very full yesterday but despite having five meals each quite small, I felt ok and even had the cheek to feel hungry in the late evening so went to bed!!

Not sure what the numbering system is on the recipes but sure someone will answer. I think this plan must be run by a company that owns a yoghurt company – we are almost yoghurted out for breakfast after two days!

Good luck and hope this works!


joanne.loxton 8 years ago

Hi everyone, I joined Trimdownclub only yesterday, I have noticed a lot of the food is American which is fine as it’s an american company, but like you said Krrgolf it does’t mention anything regarding to tea or coffee, how much milk you can have, I drink a lot of coffee (No Sugar) but I also make my own Latte/Cappuccino from ground coffee and milk, how much of this is allowed throughout the day? Also when I look at the recipes each on states a number, what is a good number?, i.e.; is 1-5 good and higher is bad?? please explain how it’s works? I’m from the UK is there anyone else joined from the UK?

Thank you. Jo

krrgolf 8 years ago

Thanks Cheryl. I had found the exchange function which is helpful but milk wasn’t an option although I have included milk in my food choice. I will mix the yoghurt and milk in future but keep the same overall weight/volume.

Also are teas/coffees free as they are not mentioned either? Fortunately we don’t take sugar but most diets ‘charge’ you for the milk!

Good luck with your diet. Day 2 here – day 1 I spent the day in the kitchen – never eaten so much and so often but didn’t feel overly full. We will how we go.

Thx for reply

m0rw3n 8 years ago

Hi, I am new to, but messing around with the menu planner, I have found you can exchange foods in a given meal. So you might want to try to exchange the yogurt for milk. Good Luck! Cheryl

krrgolf 8 years ago

Hi, when using the menus created by TDC there is no reference to milk when suggesting cereals. Most of them refer to yoghurt which can make the cereals dry. Is milk allowed?

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