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Ossie-Sharon 10 years ago

Smaller portions is indeed an excellent way to deal with unhealthy foods. Without known what she prepares, other options may be to leave out any extras (like sauces, breads), drink only non-caloric beverages, and fill up on vegetables, especially between meals. If the expense is what she finds most challenging, then just try requesting fresh foods instead of processed, with better fats (canola oil is not much more expensive that corn, soy, “vegetable” oils) and more baking than frying.
Feel free to describe the challenges more, and we will do our best to guide you. This issue is not so uncommon, and many like you can benefit from working through your problem.

Patrick 10 years ago

Uh, it sounds like you’re really in trouble there. :/
I’m not sure what to make of your grandmother, but if she is impossible to reason with, maybe you could just try to eat smaller portions of “her” food for now? Or skip “official” dinners and have a piece of fruit instead?
What kind of food does she cook, anyway?
I hope you’ll somehow manage to sit and talk to her to find some solution to this.

Odessa 10 years ago

So, My grandmother who is very old decided to buy this program as a motivator for me and to get me going. She didn’t intend on buying the ingredients needed for my diet. She’s decided she’s going to cook whatever she wants. So basically she bought this with no intent of using it and wasted her money. Now I really want to use this site. I’m tired of her food, it’s the thing making me fat. I want to be able to cook my own meals independently. But since I have no job, money, or a car, since I’m only 13, it makes me really upset that she wouldn’t even try. I’m skinnier than her now, and taller. I’ve made tons of progress, on my own before we started this. She keeps pestering me to lose weight even though I’m like the earth when she’s the size of the sun. I’m actually trimming down quite a bit. But she is a dietician and she eats constantly. She is very over weight and has had heart attacks in the past few years. I seriously want to start a diet without her getting mad at me because apparently she doesn’t spend enough money already and decides to just flaunt her money around like she’s some kind of billionaire. We’re not that rich, we actually moved into an apartment like 6 states away from where I used to live. I really want to use this diet and nutrition thing but she won’t buy any of the food needed for my success. Could anyone help me? I really want to lose weight but she’s holding me back.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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