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DaisyDew 9 years ago

Hi Ossie 😉

It not only ‘looks’ fantastic — it is! I quit drinking ‘any’ form of soda-pop years and years ago when I read about the devastating effects on my/yours health! I will admit however, I did imbibe when a soda-pop was mixed with (ahem) well — you know. 🙂 Well gee-whiz — you can’t have a Tanqueray and tonic without tonic or a wine-cooler without 7-Up — can you? (sigh) Unfortunately, none of us are not without our ‘consumption vises’ are we. [?] 🙁

When it’s really hot outside, this lemon drink will cool you down immediately. And if you don’t finish it one to two days, just strain the water, remove the veggies and pour the water back into the container. It is good for several more days. After one day, I remove the cucumber and give it a couple of ‘chops’ and throw it in a salad, or just eat it.

Janie 😛

Ossie-Sharon 9 years ago

Wow! 🙂 Thanks, DaisyDew. That looks fantastic.

DaisyDew 9 years ago

PS Be sure to refrigerate! 😛

DaisyDew 9 years ago

We all know there is topmost encouragement to — ‘drink lots and lots of water’ — throughout the day from all of the weight-loss advocates. I have always been a major drinker of water, so this is not a problem for me.

If some of you tire from the dreary, tasteless, blah — just plain ol’ water — and resort to drinking that nasty stuff — yeah, you know what I’m talking about — here’s what I concoct for myself. It isn’t new, and I profess, I cannot remember where I got it, it was several years ago and some of you probably already mix-it-up for yourself.

You can mix-it-up in a quart or half-quart container with a pour-spout. For many years now, I have not (when under my control) drank or cooked with tap-water! Yuck! (There’s been restaurant water that ‘almost’ got spat out it was so bad tasting!) If you’ve ever read reports about what’s in our water, you would NEVER drink tap-water unless it is/was beyond your control.

One (washed) Lemon with ends cut off and thinly sliced . . .
One-half cucumber (washed) peeled and thinly sliced . . . (be sure to peel)
Fresh — I repeat — FRESH Ginger Root – peel a small portion of the root and then grate it to amass about ½ tsp

Put all ingredients in a container of water and shake vigorously. No . . . not you 😛 the ‘container’. For those of you that like fresh peppermint, you may if you like, add about 10-12 leaves. This drink is a fabulous summer cooling drink. You WILL find yourself drinking a lot more water. And let’s not forget the immense benefits of vitamins/antioxidants that stem from the lemon and also it is a ‘natural’ appetite suppressant. If you have an uncontrollable need to drink water (only) from a bottle, then fill empty bottles and have-at-it. 🙂

Also, I put a double sheet of cheesecloth over the top of the bottle, then as the mixture is poured, it is strained for you. You can add/delete what tastes good to you, so experiment until you get the flavor that you prefer.

Here’s to our health — Bottoms-Up!! 😛


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