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 Readymom 3 months ago

I think it is something you have to live with . I have tried many remedies such as drop, different vitamin to no avail . When I wear my hearing arises it doesn’t seem as bad. Worse at night in bed. No I have vertigo. Oh to be young again.

 Sandals41 10 months ago

Bobby, you posted that message a week ago and nobody answered you! It’s amazing to think nobody here has Tinnitus! I don’t have it but, I think one of my friends has it. Correct me, if I’m wrong but, is it a constant ringing in your ears? Is it both ears or one? Whenever I need help, I check “google” so, that might give you some LOL, “whaco remedy.” At least I’m suggesting one thing that might help!! Right?

 Bobbydazzler 11 months ago

Wondering if anyone has any views on Tinnitus, Iv been to about 35 doctors over the years with no results. Does anyone have any WHACO remedies out there, fore I tried most of them too?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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