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 claire.adams 7 months ago

Ah Thanks very much, that would be a lot easier.

 Ossie-Sharon 7 months ago

Hi, Claire. First, you don’t need to worry about foods you don’t recognize – as long as you select froods that are unrefined, minimally processed, and don’t contain artificial additives, you will already be benefiting.
Second, you don’t need to fit in all the snacks – you can make the system give you three main meals per day, by taking the following steps:
1. Click on the “Exchange mode” icon in the toolbar above your menu, and take note of the exchanges you are allotted for each snack.
2. After returning to normal mode, click on the circular arrow icon to the right of each major meal header.
3. Once you are in the subapplication that pops up, you can build your major meals from scratch, using the meal+snack exchange numbers to guide you (ignore anything in red telling you that you have exceeded your limit, of course). It is recommended to incorporate the exchanges from the next meal into the present one – i.e., breakfast+snack #1, lunch+snack #2, and dinner+snack #3.
4. Since snacks cannot be completely deleted, to make a cleaner-looking menu put something simple in each of the snack menus such as “Vegetables of Your Choice”

 claire.adams 7 months ago

Hi I joined Trimdown only a week ago.
I am finding it fairly difficult.
We are farmers with a contracting business and livery yard in the uk. We get out of bed at 6.30 and go straight out through the door (a good farmer never feeds himself before his stock) We work until about 9:30 – 10:00, sometimes 10:30 depending on what the morning has thrown at us and we then stop for breakfast which during the week is likely to be a bowl of cornflakes whith cows milk or sometimes a slice of toast and maybe a cup of tea (english breakfast) We then go out again and if we are lucky we may stop for 1/2 an hour for lunch which is usually a sandwich (granary bread maybe cheese, sardines or ham. I usually throw in a bit of lettuce, cucumber and tomato…. yeap, and a bit of dressing) and a cup of tea. I then go into the office whilst partner continues outside. At 4:30 I go back outside to do teatime chores and get back in about 6:30 when I do a few house chores and get something prepared for dinner so that I am ready to cook when partner gets home. Partner will arrive home….6:30- 8:30 I then start to cook. We have very little time for shopping( I usually shop on line and get it delivered.) We have tried to fit in all these snacks, but it just isn’t working; time to prepare and even remembering to stop and eat them is just creating more work and stress. I have spent hours on the computer…when I should be working trying to make sense of it all. When I signed up, the choice of “Instant Menu” “popular menu” and “Personal Menu planner” had very little explanation, so as I always cook from scratch in the evening, I chose Personal menu planner…… Big mistake, A lot of the ingredients are completely alien to me and I am struggling to understand what I do with “90gm of beef, 2 portions of veg and teaspoon of oil” I am run ragged trying to prepare all these snacks and making sure we always stop for lunch, and now I am told I can’t change this option. . not that I am sure what the other two options entail……Lost and confused… help!!

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