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Ossie-Sharon 10 years ago

Hi, AndreaMartin. Examples of brand names of SWG products include Ezekiel (, Dave’s Killer Bread (, Silver Hills Bakery (, and French Meadow Bakery (

AndreaMartin 10 years ago

I was wondering what SWG cereal is…brand names?? I am trying to get my shopping list together.

Hilary53 10 years ago

I am new to this as well, Monique. SWG appears to mean ‘Sprouted Wholegrain Bread’ – whatever that is. In the UK we have Wholegrain Bread, but whether that’s ‘sprouted’ or not I don’t know. One of the biggest drawbacks for me with this programme is that it is obviously geared to the US market, using ‘cups’ (we use kilos or grams or [if you are as old as I am and still stuck in a time warp] pounds and ounces). Hope that helps.

Monique 10 years ago

I am new and was trying filling out the choices for the menu planner but I do not know what swg is an acronym for. What is swg bread..etc.? Please help I’m stuck on this initial step.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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