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Support 8 years ago

Hi RPbeachgirl,

Everything should be ok now! Please try again to create a shopping list and it will have the same foods as your menu plan.

Best 🙂

Ossie-Sharon 8 years ago

Hi, RPBeachGirl. I am forwarding your query to Tech Support. Someone will get back to you within less than a day.
In the future, you can reach them directly through the “Contact Us” link below.

RPbeachgirl 8 years ago

I had trouble with my grocery list.. I made adjustments to the menu and saved but when I brought up the grocery list, it still included items that I had removed. What am I doing wrong?

Deborahjjhayes 8 years ago

Congratulations. It is an amazing plan!!!

AlmaGloria 8 years ago

I am new to the Trim Down Club but I did notice one very effective tool: the shopping list. When you have all the foods you need handy and ready for you to use, you are ahead of the game. This feature: the shopping list is critical to your success. I have been on many diet plans and never have I seen this valuable element included in their strategy. If you have all the foods that will help you be successful, you won’t reach for foods that will de-rail your efforts. Fast food is the enemy of a food plan because it is available when you are hungry or you turn to food to satisfy other needs. If you know what foods are on the program and you have them available, you will use the correct foods to satisfy your hunger. I was please with my success because I have the foods available to keep me making choices that will help me continue to be successful. I lost two pounds my first week on the trim down club food plan. Mamipoo

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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