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awilla 8 years ago

I downloaded a pedometer on my smart phone. I have a job where I sit mostly. I get up and move while at work and ensure that I get 5k steps before getting off work. I go to the Y 3-4 days after work and get my additional steps 10k or more. I take the long way to restroom, long way back from taking lunch, etc. Walking is a great way to reduce sugar levels and high blood pressure.

Ossie-Sharon 8 years ago

Hi, bassilh. Just about any exercise can help with blood sugar levels – getting moving is just that important! A mix of low-intensity with a little high-intensity seems to be the best mix – for example, 30 seconds of jogging every 5 minutes during a walk – along with some strength training – such as weight-lifting (any heavy objects will do). If you would like more guidance, Customer Service can get you set up, and you can reach them directly through the “Contact Us” link below.

bassilh 8 years ago

What exercise can I do to lose my sugar levels?

KatieGross 9 years ago

Thank you…I just turned 65 and used to exercise. I started using excuses not to exercise and need to get back to it…Your “10 Ways” have given me encouragement.

esolaro 9 years ago

I wrote 10 Ways to Fit in A Little Exercise because it often seems like life tries to keep us from moving as much as our bodies need and want us to move. Some of these tips are practical and some are psychological. I try to live by them and I find they really help me.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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