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Ossie-Sharon 6 years ago

Hi, Abel2Sing. Regardless of your weight, I’m glad to read that you are physically active and so dedicated to a sport and eating right. Given that you feel like you are getting a lot of food here, I am wondering if you have been on restrictive diets in the past. If so, your metabolism may have slowed, and if you’ve been doing the same exercises for a while, our muscles may have become complacent – together this may mean that your body isn’t burning fat like it should. I would encourage you to have your thyroid hormones checked – abnormal levels can absolutely interfere with your slimming efforts, but can be managed. It is quite common for these to be out of whack when you have insulin resistance (which it sounds like you do).
Regarding your SIBO issues, I’m glad to see you’re using the personal version of our Menu Planner application, so that you can select f oods that work for you and avoid the ones that don’t. If you would like more guidance with selections for SIBO, please do repost here and I would be happy to help.
Until you get more information from your doctor, I suggest you try to make modifications to your non-endurance workouts to jump-start your metabolism. Since you currently get a good mix, I recommend that you mix up the pace of what you do. First, divide up yoga and cycling workouts to at least two a day; second, mix steady moderate cycling with brief bursts of high intensity (e.g., for 30 seconds for every 5 minutes of the overall workout).
With regard to the food changes, if it seems overwhelming, try making changes more gradually.
It would be great to get updates so we can adjust your plan as needed.

abel2sing 6 years ago

Hi, I’m new here. First day.
Background: I’m a (obese) runner who is training for my first FULL marathon (5 weeks and counting. I’ve been training hard since January). I’ve been running at least 1-2 road races (5K, 10K and Half Marathon) each month for the past 3 years and I currently average 25-35 miles per week. I also cycle and do yoga.
Sounds impressive. But, if you could see me, you wouldn’t believe me.
Yes, I have built up lots of endurance but NOT speed because I am extremely obese.
Imagine running 13+ miles carrying a 75 lb bag of rocks. Yeah … that’s me.

Despite all of my running and cross training with bike and yoga, drinking plenty of water, cutting back calories, cutting back sugars (no soda, no fruit juice, rarely candy), eliminating dairy and gluten I have not lost even 1 pound Seriously. Not one. (and NO, I have not lost any inches or any of my belly fat and back rolls either – in fact, it seems to have increased) I am not “muscular”, nor “fit” looking. I am fat. Currently, my BMI is well into the obese category, which is incredibly difficult physically and incredibly depressing mentally and emotionally!

According to every website, book, guide about fitness and weight loss, with everything I am doing, I am SUPPOSED to be ultra fit and trim by now. But, no.
And still, I (rather stupidly) persist. I’m discouraged every morning when I try to stuff myself into my workout clothes, and wondering why I even get up at 5 am and keep trying, but I can’t help fighting back. I just keep hoping some day my body will magically start changing.

Anyway, I recently started working with a doctor to see if there’s something seriously medical going on. Per my blood tests my hormones are off (postmenopausal), my triglycerides, liver enzymes, insulin and sugar levels are all high – so, we are discussing those (my thyroid and everything else is normal). Plus, I potentially have SIBO in my gut (getting tested next week). So, my #1 order of the day from my doc is that I MUST change my diet and I MUST be strict with my foods. I am supposed to eliminate all processed/refined sugar and hidden sugars, and for now strictly eliminate ALL dairy and gluten (I also have a nut and melon allergy which totally sucks, so all those are out). So, my options for what to eat seemed dismal.

After a bunch of research online trying desperately to find help, I found and joined this program/site yesterday. From what I have seen so far I am impressed (although it’s almost too much info! I don’t have enough time to read through it all!), but I like how it gives you a plan and a shopping list and you can swap things out if you want. No calorie counting crap. This is good.

Bottom line – I hope this is the answer I’m looking for and this will help me know what to eat each day and I can actually start losing weight. If this doesn’t work, I honestly have no idea what else can.

I have to say that this program seems like a LOT of eating! MUCH more than I’m used to. I have been careful not to snack throughout the day because it is supposed to keep your insulin levels in a high active state. And I cannot afford doing that. So, it kind of scares me to follow your plan and eat this many times per day. I’m willing to give it a try. But, if I start gaining weight, I’ll pull out immediately and ask for refund! I can’t afford to weigh MORE than I already do!!!!!!

Here are two immediate questions:
1. This plan doesn’t seem to adjust for exercise and calorie burning. Unless I missed it somewhere. Do I need to modify the eating in any way because I am running/biking/yoga daily and burning a lot of calories, or should I just keep things as they are and this will simply make me lose more faster?

2. Does this site offer any other tips for people who run and/or are involved in high intensity exercise regimens?

Sorry this was so long. Thank you.

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