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Hi, Gmilanes11. Your menu allowances are calculated according to your age and weight, as well as your gender and height. We are happy to help you however we can.

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I just joined and it seems like a lot of food to me but I’m realizing thats because I’m coming off of a lot of deprivation food plans. I just had my first breakfast and honestly, I felt “happy” at how nutritional and abundant it felt. Question: does the plan adjust my allowances based on my age, goal weight, current weight? I am 51 and fear I will struggle with weight loss but I want to learn clean eating for life so I’m hoping this plan not only helps me with weight loss but going forward, good life long habits.

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Hi, sugenpillay. Yes – we recommend olive oil for cooking, but remember not to overdo!

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can I cook food with oil

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Hi, jcarino. The menus are actually fairly low in carbohydrates – about 45% of energy vs. 65-70% in regular diets, even lower in available carbohydrates.Everyone loses weight at their own pace, depending not only on food and exercise, but also genes and past dieting history (past crash dieters tend to lose weight more slowly). The range seems to be 4-8 lbs per month. You probably have a good advantage by exercising, and can get an additional boost by strength training (light weight lifting or pushups, etc.) on days in which you don’t have other activities planned.
If you find there really is too much food, you can cut back on the starchy carbohydrate portions, no problem.

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This seems like a lot fo food and the menu includes quite a few carbs- how much weight on average are we expected to lose per week following this program? I am also active, swim laps 2-3 times per week, play tennis 1-2 times per week.

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Hi, Phyllis. It’s great to read that you are so physically ative. It could lvery well be that you are in the stage of swapping fat for muscle, which is heavier. If you are just going by the number on the scale, you may not yet see a change, but perhaps see if you are looking different and your clothes are fitting differently.

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I started last week and lost one pound I am 60 and I exercise 4 to 5 days a weight I do 3 strength training class for 1 hour and 2 zumba class a week for 1 hour. Just see how eight week go. Trying not to give up

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I though I was 200 pounds, but I was 216, after the first week I dropped to 212,. Second week I weight myself this morning gain a pound. I guess it was a piece of fruit cake & a brownie.

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Hi, checa. You’ve come to the right place! This program is based on principles of managing weight with the challenges of menopause, and most of our Clubmembers are in your spot. If you have specific nutrition questions, I’m happy to help however I can.

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I´m Menopausal, and I need to lose weight….

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I finished menopause 12 years ago Thank God that is over. One less thing to stress about.

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Hi, Mlynn. We wish you a full and speedy recovery.
You may find what you’re seeking in our “Group Forums” section.

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I’m not sure if I’m menopausal, but I know I have never in my younger life had trouble dropping pounds like I do now. I’m just starting back at a seasonal job where Many people live active lifestyles and I am hoping to increase my activity. Broke my leg on Mother’s day and am now in PT to increase motion and stress tolerance on my ankle. It’s SO hard. I have so much to get done and no motivation when I feel pain and weariness. I’d be grateful for someone who could prod me or mentor me every day!

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I can understand this as I am also menopausal. My weight goes up and down like a yoyo. Sometimes its hard for me to stay on track but I do my and when I screw up I try not to sweat it.

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