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vickm48 9 years ago

I’m widow, 64 yrs & like to ride an old Schwinn, but haven’t yet this year – when it gets warmer. Just started new eating choices a couple of days ago & feel pretty optimistic. I just lost 10 lbs. from having the flu & not eating for 3 days – it sure was nice when I got my appitite back! But now, I have resources about good nutrition. How much do nutritionsts make, I wonder.

iwaveatcows 9 years ago

if you follow the carb protein ratio you can still eat outside of the program menus and get the results.

Donna29 9 years ago

hi ya!! Im the exact same.. Love the outdoors, take part in every activity imaginable but like that i constantly sabotage my efforts with food, which means sometimes i dont do as much of theoutdoor stuffa si would like.. so im on a constant merry go round.. starting another fitness bootcamp tomorrow and will be given advice on good nutrition.. but my aim is to stop the whole ‘all or nothing’ approach.. just want to strike a balance and do the outdoor things i love without feeling lethargic from the pigout the weekend previous etc etc.. all about balance. hope i find it!! love my food too!!

BrandiF42 9 years ago

I love exercising outdoors. i’m actually very fit and active, but always fall into the trap of rewarding myself with food (i.e. “I ran 5 miles, I deserve that cheeseburger!) My dogs are great motivation for outdoor exercise. It’s good for them too! The hardest part for me will be making those post-exercise healthy choices!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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