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Ossie-Sharon 9 years ago

Hi, Agnieszka – yes, you understood correctly. Sushi is great, especially if you can get it with brown rice instead of white. An eight-piece roll with fish is considered about 2 carbohydrate + 1 protein exchange (because the carb exchange already allows for some protein).

Agnieszka0620 9 years ago

Thank you I printed the table. I still have questions though.
I see that there are certain sections with bread or seafood for example. I see that seafood has 1 exchange = 1 protein, which
include 4-7 g of protein and 0-3 g of fat. From my understanding I can exchange any item for different one only if is in the same table and
have the same amount of nutrition. Which means that seafood I need to change the same category and bread for bread. I was wondering if is possible to change breads which is one section with 1 carbohydrate exchange for different section like starchy vegetables with the same amount 1 carbohydrate exchange?

Also, I love sushi and I would to know if I can have them as a exchange as well.
Thank you so much

Ossie-Sharon 9 years ago

Hi, GodsKid. See smsupersuper’s response below, as well as the link to food exchanges here:

godskid 9 years ago

I am asking the same questions as you. I need to know how much of each so I can cook accordingly . I thought that is the info I would get when I signed up.

smsupersuper 9 years ago

Good Morning Agnieszka & Sujordo

If you click on the exchange node icon across the top of your menue you will find the exchanges for each food item.


sujordo 9 years ago

Welcome Agnie.. I have been doing this plan (following pre defined menus for almost 3 weeks) I eagerly await replies to this, brilliant question as I would also like to understand the science of this eating plan. I am used to measuring all carbohydrates so know exactly what I am eating there, just need to undrstand the formula across a day.. All of you very knowledgable Trimdowners please help us out here. 🙂

Agnieszka0620 9 years ago

Hi, I’m a new member. I would like to know what is the formula for cooked dmner;
how many protein, carbs and fat needs to be included. I understand there are
different types of diet, but my is low sugar only, because I crave food if I consume
too much sugar. I have noticed, meals are measure by protein, carbs and fat amount.
I have heard that I can replace meals, but I need to have the same amount of protein.
How about carbs or fat? I was wondering if this number has to be exact or I can be off
a little bit.
Thank you

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