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Ossie-Sharon 8 years ago

Hi, dbannasch. You can always have something sweet and gooey – it is all a matter of portion size and making it fit into your day. Since you don’t want to sabotage your progress, perhaps see how you can make it work.
For example, you can just protein foods and vegetables as your main foods, then substitute the starchy items with your treat – and try to have a little less than you normally would. You can also take a walk.
Remember, the point of this program is to find a way to make it last forever, which means making treats work without backfiring.

dbannasch 8 years ago

Just started this plan. The first week I just adapted to what I had in the house. I was surprised that I had a lot of the ingredients. I don’t want to hinder my progress but I have lost 5-6 lbs in the first week and I am eating good. Can I reward myself with something sweet and gooey this weekend?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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