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mhenrish 10 years ago

There are GF granola mixes. I use Enjoy life. You can find it at the larger food chains that sell GF items or online. It is not bad in yogurt but I am not sure I could eat by itself. I have celiac and can not eat the Nature valley. Read every label.

Fatcat13 10 years ago

I’m not celiac, but am allergic to wheat and wheat glutens. I have found that I can eat nature valley granola bars, the crunchy oat ones, as well as the ones in the large variety pack. I’m pretty sensitive to wheat, so if there was something in there I would react.

Ossie-Sharon 10 years ago

Hi, and welcome. Granola is generally not gluten-free, but many of the items in this plan are either gluten-free (i.e. quinoa, millet, rice, fruits and vegetables, dairy, meats and soy products) or can be obtained gluten-free in stores (i.e. breads, roles, and tortillas), and most of the recipes are gluten-free. If you look through the various forum topics, you will see that there are quite a few folks here with a gluten-free lifestyle, and you can work together.

Enijjer 10 years ago

Hi all , I’m new to this and I’m finding its a lot to get my head round. I do have knowledge about eating healthy but I’m also a coeliac , are there any suggestions to going. Also is granola gluten free ( not that I have found Ang yet) . Any help would be appreciated.
Elaine x

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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