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lew1 8 years ago

just an FYI the group successful beginnings is the only “active” group on here, I joined a couple other ones not knowing this and then when I asked about why there was no activity that’s when I found out they were not active.

Support 8 years ago

Hi all,
Click on ‘Groups’ at the top of the page followed by ‘SEE ALL EXISTING GROUPS’. Next, find ‘Successful Beginnings and Support, too!! We need each other support group!’ and click on ‘Join Group’.
Hope this helps 🙂

alexalxnder10 8 years ago

Thank you so much Janey!! I appreciate it. Actually my name is Alexandria and My mother Kim signed up for this program. We thought it would be a great thing to do together because we want to eat better and feel better. She isn’t very computer savvy so my part will be to help her with the technical stuff. We appreciate any and every help we can get. I’m going to try to look for the group you mentioned. Hopefully I will find it haha. Thank you so much again 🙂

JohannaJoy 8 years ago

JaneyW, thank you for your guidance! It helps! I’m having a hard time getting around on the site to get things out of it. You had suggested to join the group “Successful Beginnings”, What/Where do I find the groups to join?

JaneyW 8 years ago

Hi Alexalxnder, I’m new as well, On my first day, before I ever started the food program I had dreams about all the food choices. If you join the group Successful beginnings the group leader send you a 1 page program sheet that is very helpful. I did as you suggest worked with the menus until they fit my life,copied the recipes I wanted to try, made a grocery list, and I had to edit it alot. I bought my groceries, made some recipes like chili, pork roast, muffins, chicken salad that would make more than one meal. I bought fruit and made up one cup servings plus apples and oranges. I made up a salad and packages of veggies. I bought a low fat organic dressing and started putting it all together. I got better and more confident as I went along. Having the food ready made it possible for me to stay on the program. I even froze somethings for later, like chicken breasts. I had help from my husband to do this cooking. I hope this helps you. I feel better than I have in a long time. Best wishes to you!

alexalxnder10 8 years ago

Hi!! I just signed up and I’m in need of A LOT of help. So I’am a little confused and overwhelmed…I’m not sure where to start. I went through the whole process of making my personalized menu; so what’s next? I also went to the Grocery List tab and there are of course a lot of ingredients. Do I just buy them and whip something up?? I’m really confused…

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