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Ossie-Sharon 9 years ago

Almond milk doesn’t have all that much protein because it takes fewer nuts to make the right consistency than soy milk does (soy milk is the reference here because it is the only known vegetal milk with as much protein per cup as dairy milk). If they use too many almonds in it, the milk will be oily and thick. Soy beans are much lower in fat and have a higher water content, so they can use more and the consistency of the milk doesn’t suffer–it actually makes soy milk creamier.

Juliefoe 9 years ago

I thought that nuts contain protein, but someone in the forum said that “almond milk” contains no protein. Why is that?

Ossie-Sharon 9 years ago

Raw milk sources can be searched through the following link
An acceptable, more readily available alternative would be organic fortified milk/dairy.

Riley 9 years ago

I would like to know the answer to what is raw milk in conjunction with the recipes. I don’t want to improvise and get the balance wrong. I haven’t seen an actual answer to this question yet

DEBFOSS1 9 years ago

Hi I am new to this so I have a few questions where do you find raw milk, butter & cheese and is there a substitute?

marionmehrer 9 years ago

Hi, hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!

I can’t have any dairy or soy and have been drinking almond milk. Just so you know, there are different flavors.. at least I know there’s a vanilla one and it’s very, very good.

In regards to the soy milk, if I’m not mistaken, isn’t that one of the 5 foods we were told to eliminate?

There are a couple other options as well that my naturopath told me about, if you can’t have cow milk, and those are:
1. Coconut
2. Hemp milk

And BTW for those that can’t have any dairy made out of cow’s milk. You might be interested in knowing that there are icecreams made out of:
1. Coconut
2. Hemp
3. Almond

If you can’t have soy then always be on the look out for soy lecithin in any of the products that have chocolate in them.

Have an awesome day,

Ashmae9 9 years ago

Straight from the cow with nothing added or taken away usually bought at a health food store or the farmer.

DeniseBollenbacher 9 years ago

I tried Almond milk one time, YUCK, had to throw it away. Tasted terrable, not like milk at all.

rawanntrim 9 years ago

Almond milk is REALLY GOOD and REALLY HEALTHY! they say if u enjoy the healthy foods you eat, it might be easiers to shed a few pounds

LisaRish 10 years ago

I must try almond milk then! 🙂
Lack of protein does not concern me since I can take it through meat. Also, I don’t drink that much milk anyway… Maybe that shows that I just got tired of cow milk and it’s the right time to change my choice of milk.

Ossie-Sharon 10 years ago

Almond milk is indeed a “cleaner” milk (for people not allergic to almonds, of course) and one of the best-tasting milks — but just keep in mind that it contains almost no protein.

TeriBloom 10 years ago

Thank you for answering the raw milk question.. What about almond milk which would have no hormones etc..

Ossie-Sharon 10 years ago

Both soy and cow’s milk have their advantages and disadvantages. Soy milk is a processed product and is very concentrated in soy isoflavones, which can have effects similar to hormones – in high amounts, this is not always desirable. Regular milk can be high in actual hormones and antibiotics, absolutely not desirable. In this program, we recommend organic and/or raw cow’s milk. If you really do enjoy soy milk, then a maximum of 1 cup per day is suggested.

Leonard 10 years ago

Does anyone drink soy milk?
I thought about drinking it instead of cow milk on occasions… So, I did try soy milk and found it tasty, but I am not sure if it’s wise to drink it instead of cow milk in the long run.

Ossie-Sharon 10 years ago

In this program, we recommend raw milk in cooking, but pasturized organic skim milk is best for drinking as is.

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