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Support 9 years ago

Hi bsimoes,
Thanks for posting.
We have double checked the Menu Planner search and we see that after typing in ‘milk’ different milk choices appear. Simply, click on them and then click on the breakfast icon after it appears in the selection area.
Best 🙂

bsimoes 9 years ago

I tried to type in “milk” to add to my cereal for breakfast under the menu planner (dairy) and nothing happened. It wasn’t found. I have spent about five hours on this site trying to figure things out, and I am getting quite frustrated. How do you modify choices easily…or is there such a thing? It would be nice if there was a drop-down menu of the things in the categories that we are to eat. Is milk under protein and not dairy???

Ossie-Sharon 9 years ago

Hi, RPBeachGirl. That’s fine. Just try to get a type fortified with calcium and vitamins, and without carageenan.

RPbeachgirl 9 years ago

I’ve never really liked milk except to cook with and with cereal. Can I substitute Almond milk?

mybella93 9 years ago

we moved from CT a year ago but there was a farm near us there that did sell raw milk, it was really difficult to drink it, it smelled so awful. I bought it only once because my health conscious sister recommended it. I couldn’t finish it, yuck. what was really ironic about this farm was they made their own ice cream, it was so good! people would line up every day to buy their wonderful ice cream 🙂

Ossie-Sharon 10 years ago

Hi, pad41260. Organic is fine, especially if it is fortified. Grass-fed and/or free-range organic milk is the best choice, if you can get it.

pad41260 10 years ago

WOW! Raw milk can not be sold where I live at. And if you have dairy farm and sell it for human consumption, they could loss their farm. Blows my mind. I think I bought the wrong milk last night. It is organic but it says ultra pastorized.

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