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Hi, Kjartist38. I have forwarded your issue to tech support. Someone will get back to you soon.

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My first day was a great success.

ISSUE: a I made my weekly menu and printed it out on Sunday. I went to check and log and my menu is COMPLETLY different.

What did I do wrong????????


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Hi, kswolfe. The other items at the meal are intended to be used to top and/or season the starchy items (for example, vegetables sauteed in coconut oil and/or steak juices for the couscous, enhanced with herbs and spices, which are “free”) . If the accompanying items don’t suit your taste, you can swap them for something that might, but clicking on them and selecting something from the pop-up menu (for example, berries and yogurt for the waffles, vs. cottage cheese and grapes).

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I am confused about menu. When it says waffles, there is nothing mentioned about what to put on the wafflles. Also when it says couscous etc, does not say how to fix it. What do you ad to it?

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Hi, Hillar77. Pesto sauce is available jarred or in small tubs in most grocery stores, often in the dairy or deli section. Home fries are simply chopped potatoes sauteed in oil.

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I have noticed that on several of the days, there are things like 4tbsp of Pesto sauce or “home fries”, but no other information. I have also looked in recipes for these same items with no luck. My wife is trying to come up with a grocery list, and finds this very frustrating.

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