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MemphisBell162 9 years ago

PS. I used low salt soy sauce mixed with water for the stir fry dish.

MemphisBell162 9 years ago

I love to stir fry or steam vegetables. Tonight I had yellow squash, zucchini, pea pods, mung bean sprouts and green onion with soy sauce, ginger and garlic, served over brown rice. It made a big plateful, which was very filling. Sometimes I find baby string beans, which taste sweet and tender without butter, although I guess a little would no hurt.

Ossie-Sharon 9 years ago

Hi, Jennyfer. Check out our recipes for salad dressings and vegetable sauces.

Jennyfer 9 years ago

I too would like some ideas about sauces for vegetables otherwise they are dry with meat or fish

Ossie-Sharon 12 years ago

Finding the right seasoning or incorporating vegetables into receipes are the most tried-and-true methods if you really can’t find vegetables you like. The most popular recipes using seasoning seem to be anything with tomato sauce (the sauce counts as a vegetable, too), or sauteed in a dash of olive oil with Italian or French herbs. If you like melted butter, you can try melting cheese over vegetables, which is lower in fat and does provide some protein and calcium. Shakes are a great idea, and soups are also good veils, especially when pureed to a “cream” soup – you can easily pile in 2-3 vegetable servings in a regular bowl without feeling it. Some vegetables, like cauliflower, smell strong when cooking but are imperceptible when pureed and added to sauces; onions can be pureed and added to ground meats and sauces and actually add flavor without taking over.
But don’t give up on trying to find raw vegetables you like! Mild-tasting ones like fresh green peas in a pod and pickling cucumbers are very popular. If you’re prone to mindless nibbling, try rounding out your 5-a-day by fixing a bowl of chopped turnips, kohlrabi, cauliflower, and/or cabbage, and eating it like popcorn, in front of the TV or computer. (Not being aware of what you eat isn’t usually recommended, but here it might work in your favor.)

Jeremy 12 years ago

I’m a fan of Mrs. Dash as well. Also, sneak in veggies! Do you ever fix smoothies? Add a handful of baby spinach. You won’t taste the spinach, but you’ll gain great nutrition value!

Jessica 12 years ago

I like to use a variety of veggies at one time. Mixing up the favors of the different veggies make the meal very good. Like one mixture I had recently was sweet potatoes (roasted in oven), black beans, corn and sweet red peppers. The favors from all the different veggies with the black beans was great. You can add sweat onions and salt and pepper to taste if you like. You can try to mix the veggies you like together to create different combinations.

Christa 12 years ago

I like to use Mrs. Dash. There is not salt in it at all and it really addes a lot of favor to the veggies. I can even use it on my raw veggies too.

April 12 years ago

I don’t care for vegetables unless they’re dripping in butter. Obviously, I know butter isn’t good for me. What do you use to season your vegetables? I just can’t imagine eating several servings per day. I need some good ideas! Thanks.

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