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Ossie-Sharon 8 years ago

Hi, bonze. If you use the Menu Planner application (in “Apps” above), you will see the full list of foods from which you can select your menu items. Your menus will be automatically generated through this process. The tutorial can help you get started.

bonze8 8 years ago

This is my second week and was under the impression a new weekly menu would be sent. ?? I also requested to have a few foods added to my list and have not heard back.

shanezettle 8 years ago

I see a whole lot of confusion on the menus, I know it is hard to shop for a bunch of new items so what i did was take what i already am buying and putting them in my daily planner first. If you do not see the exact rice or almond milk just pick the one that is close and do your own substitution when its is time for that meal, you may need to adjust for calories. As for nuts i purchase by the pound and only started out with peanuts and almonds to save money. I am pre diabetic and had a hard time removing the eggs and the suggestions it gave me i will try as me being a new vegetarian as well it has been a challenge but an excited one at that. The vegan meats will be a new venture and from what i heard a little hard on the pocket book so i will see where that goes and update this post. I also buy weekly it is hard cause i like to spend money but with fresh produce i can not buy all at once due to the fact i am not using it all before it spoils. Lots to learn from this site dig into the recipes I have found many that fit into the menus and remember to add like items to your menu and you will do fine..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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