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Hi, ourcupoftea. You would likely benefit most from using the fully personal version of the menu-building Menu Planner application, wherein you can select the foods that are best for you. There, you will be guided by our color coding system, wherein the healthiest/no-added-sugar foods are in the lightest blue shades. You can access the version of the application by clicking on the “My Food Choices” icon in the toolbar above your menu.

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How can I make it work for a candida diet most food is a NO NO for me absolutely no sugar. It just feeds the yeast in my gut and makes alcohol and sooner or later leads to cancer. My doctor has already sent me to a cancer doctor. I don’t think there is time for the science and nutrition to meet up before I die from it.

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Hi, DonnaLou. The application is designed to serve a wiwe range of tastes, so it can happen that the food combinations won’t suit everyone. Fortunately, you can change foods as you wish by clicking on them and selecting from a pop-up list of alternatives.
You can also change the entire meal by clicking on the circular arrow icon to the right of each meal header and following the directions int he pop-up box.

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Hi I’m completely new and confused by the menu planner, looking through it the meals are odd combinations of food that don’t seem to go together, is this normal?

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