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Ossie-Sharon 11 years ago

Hi, Carolyn. Unless you are sensitive to wheat, your bread does not need to be wheat-free – we just recommend 100% whole grains (sprouted if possible). The issue about “wheat bread” is that it is a name randomly given to some not-so-healthy choices. If it says sprouted or 100%, you know it is the real thing.

Carolyn188 11 years ago

I am having the same problem I don’t know how much protein,carbs fats dairy and grains I am supposed to have each day and am finding it difficult where I live in Cyprus to find any nonwheat bread and as this is a main part of the diet I cannot start the diet.

awayagain4 11 years ago

Hi Arlene

Thanks for the info about Spelt bread. We have an Aldi store in town. Will try it.

Ossie-Sharon 11 years ago

Hi, shsesc. The ratio in this program is 1 protein exchange to 2 carbs exchanges, or 1 protein gram to 3 protein grams. This is considered optimal to balance metabolic dynamics.

JessRae 11 years ago

I have noticed I turned to wheat bread when Im feeling hungry. But then I feel bloated and very ” backed up” I feel it in my stomach. I may be w/ u on the full stop of wheat!

Arlene 11 years ago

Hi Dakotaskye …my joints have been aching lately….as i’m 50 i put it down to an age thing…but perhaps the wheat could be contributing. A FULL STOP then on wheat! Don’t want to spend the next 40 years in pain.
Thanks for your comment 🙂

Dakotaskye 11 years ago

I do think wheat has the same affect on me. My joints also ache if I over indulge–just saying.

Arlene 11 years ago

I have already mentioned on another thread that having taken our money we are now left to our own devices (unless we want to pay more money and talk to the ‘experts’).

This is my second day. I’m 2 stone over-weight 🙁
The menu is ok but as i don’t yet have all the ingredients i’m swopping menus to those that do address my food cupboard and this is working out alright. Tonight for dinner i had Chicken Wrap only i didn’t have any wraps so i simply served it onto a plate…. yummy!

I have porridge or muesli (from the recipes) for breakfast, this way my day starts off without a hitch. Fruit and raw (uncooked) veg are my snacks these are crammed into my pockets or in air-tight containers.

I changed my bread from wholewheat to Spelt (Aldi sell it) and i woke up this morning with energy to burn ALL day and NO bloating…mmmmm could there be a wee wheat allergy?

Having spring cleaned my house this morning with gusto (believe me i had no intention of cleaning) i had lunch from the menu, played my fiddle for an hour and still feeling like i had energy to burn i went for a 3.5mile walk – in the rain. Could this be because i didn’t eat wheat for 2 days?

So if like me you wake up tired & lethargic then try giving up wheat bread and see if you too feel energized.

Watch this space!

shsesc 11 years ago

Can anyone provide a goal ratio for carbs and fats and proteins with exchange rates tied to grams?

shsesc 11 years ago

I have the same problem. I can’t possibly make my own menu choices if I don’t know what the goal ratio is for each meal.

litb 11 years ago

There does not appear to be any explanation of how the meals are structured in quantities. This makes it a bit tricky when you are not in a position to follow all of the family menus. Like you, I cannot find anything to find out how the system is structed; nor can I find how they ‘time’ the eating of the six meals.

mbanks4590 11 years ago

Your menus refer to a number for Carbs, Proteins and Fats. This indicates to me that there is a system of goals for each in every meal we eat. I also see the refernce to “that’s 1 fat” in some question responses. Is this system explained in any of the materials? I think I’ve read everything I downloaded and I can’t find either the system or a list that tells me what foods are worth on the system.

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