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Ossie-Sharon 9 years ago

Hi, scropio 37. It may indeed take your body a while to get used to eating normally again, but it really is a more sustainable way of eating, especially if you like carbs. Give it a little time. Note that eating 100% whole grains means that fiber can buffer the impact on your body, and overall this program is rather low-carb (45% of energy vs. the typicl 50-65%).

scropio37 9 years ago

I read through the program, and there are a lot of foods I never heard of. I am new a member, and I trying to do this right. So I been sub. veg. and bread. I am not use to eating bread since I been carb conscious for so long. I got 100% whole grain bread, and hope I can cope with eating healthy carbs again.

Ossie-Sharon 9 years ago

Hi, Newval. Welcome, and congratulations on your progress. Note that there is a selection for cereal with milk – it specifies “SWG,” but shredded wheat is also an excellent choice, and you can just swap it.
A baguette is the classic long French bread loaf. It is available in both white and whole grain (preferable) varieties. We do encourage you to look into new foods – there are some real advantages to those in the lightest blue type.

newval 9 years ago

I joined Monday of this week and I am glad that I am not feeling starving all the time -I like the emphasis on fruit and some carbs with protein. I’m also eating more vegetables than I am used to but that’s a good thing! I don’t see milk anywhere – if cold cereal is on the menu (shredded wheat) aren’t they assuming that would be with milk? I also needed to tweak the menu a bit – I take a bag lunch to work so no hot things. I have lost a couple of pounds in the last few days – I hope I can keep this up. My other question concerns is to do with familiarity of some of the foods. For ex., what do they mean by baguette? Is it a small bagel, slice of some kind of bread? There are other foods I’m not familiar with too – will have to look into it. I wish you luck starting the program after you read the info!

ChristineKaiser 9 years ago

I’m just starting to read through the information. I’m not sure how this program works, so I will start reading through the information and hope that will help.

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