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 kjlj 2 years ago

not all the time

 Ossie-Sharon 2 years ago

Hi, ayche. Thanks very, very much for those tips!!!

 ayche 2 years ago

I have been teaching fitness for over thirty five years started with Jane Fonda’s aerobic craze in my early thirties which destroyed my Knees. Now at the age of sixty six teach Functional Fitness. Which means doing every day activities without loosing mobility or being in pain. We do not want our three year old grandchild to say “Granma shall I help you up” when playing with them on the floor. The easy way to prevent this is not to use your hands when getting up from a chair use gluteus maximus (Butt) and quadricepts (thighs). When sitting down, come down slowly with control. When getting off the chair come up quickly with energy. Most people only attend fitness classes once or twice a week for an hour. This can be done 24/7. You will feel the benefit after a few weeks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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