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 Ossie-Sharon 4 weeks ago

Hi, kdn16. For homemade items, you can just choose whatever counterpart is in the list – such as frozen. The lists were originally set up for you to select the ingredients to make the foods, but the substitution suggestion will work just fine.
With regard to the 1/2 serving issue, you can go ahead and make the changes at mealtime. The menu isn’t set in stone, and whatever makes following it comfortably is going to be a big help. In the meantime, I am passing along your suggestion.

 kdn16 4 weeks ago

Examples would be: fruit is 1 small apple or 1 banana or 1 cup of berries. there is not an option to choose 1/2 of one or 1/2 a cup, 1/2 cup milk etc. Not sure how to exchange baked/cooked items in the meal plan, like pancakes– homemade whole grain, ingredients.

 Ossie-Sharon 4 weeks ago

Hi, kdn16. You can see your food exchanges by clicking on the “Exchange mode” icon in the toolbar above your menu.
As for foods not in the lists, note that the items are listed in rather generic form, and you can select the closest thing as a placesaver in your menu, then use what you like. Other than that, what items are you not seeing that you would want to add.
With regard to the 1/2 servings, it would be great to get some examples, and I can pass on your suggestion to the tech development team.

 kdn16 4 weeks ago

I’d love to be able to change the amount of the food item or choose 1/2 a serving when building a meal. Also not sure how to add items that are not on the food list that I actually eat to see the food exchange values or to log my food.

 Ossie-Sharon 2 months ago

Hi, Brookesmith. Yes, you can.

 Brookesmith78 2 months ago

Hi!!! Insomnia not like pourarae AT ALL.. can I van incorporate one of the items from the breakfast menial when my daily meal plan call for pourage?

 Ossie-Sharon 7 months ago

Hi, Lynimar. The lighter the blue, the healthier the item.

 Lynimar 7 months ago

What do the two different shades of blue mean in the food menu alternates?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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